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Free download PDF of BOB RTGS Form using the direct link provided at the bottom of the PDF description.


BOB RTGS Form - Description

Hello, friends, Today we have uploaded the Bank of Baroda RTGS Form PDF to help Bank Clients. If you are searching for the Bank of Baroda RTGS Form in PDF format, you have reached the right website and can download it directly from the link given at the bottom of this page.
This is an application form for Bank of Baroda RTGS / NEFT issued by Bank of Baroda, which can be obtained from the nearest branch of Bank of Baroda or downloaded from the link given below. After carefully filling out this form, you will need to submit this form to the nearest branch of Bank of Baroda.

BOB RTGS Form PDF- Charges

Amount of RTGS Transaction Service Charges
(Exclusive of GST)
Rs.2 lakhs & up to Rs.5 lakhs Rs. 24.50
Above Rs.5 lakhs Rs. 49.50
Amount of NEFT Transaction Service Charges
(Exclusive of GST)
Up to Rs.10,000/-  Rs. 2.25
Rs.10,001 and up to Rs.1 lakh Rs. 4.75
Above Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.2 lakhs Rs.14.75
Above Rs.2 lakhs Rs.24.75

How To Fill Bank of Baroda RTGS and NEFT Form?

Remember RTGS is used for amounts more than 2 lakh Rs. while NEFT is used for amounts less than 2 lakh Rs. Here are steps for how to fill BOB RTGS and NEFT form.

  • Amount to be remitted: Write the exact amount which should be remitted from your account
  • The account number to be debited: Your Bank of Baroda account Number from which the transaction amount will be debited.
  • Name of the beneficiary bank and branch: Write the beneficiary of your transaction and the branch code of the beneficiary.
  • The IFSC Number of the receiving branch: IFSC code is important in RTGS and NEFT. Please write it in the form
  • Name of the beneficiary customer: Customer Name without any mistake
  • Account number of the beneficiary customer: Never mistake the account number. write it carefully.
  • Sender to receiver information, if any required. For tax purposes, you can write it.

you can download the BOB RTGS Form PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Download BOB RTGS Form PDF using below link

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