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Blood Relation Questions PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are offering Blood Relation Questions PDF to all of you. Blood Relation Questions are often asked in various quiz competitions. These questions are also important for those who are preparing for either any competitive examination or any government examination.
Blood Relation Questions also help you to qualify the many kinds of reasoning questions because they simulate a certain part of your brain that ultimately affects your brainstorming process. If you also want to try a few of those questions then you will get them here.

Blood Relation Questions PDF – Family Tree

To solve the problems in blood relations, one should know how to draw a family tree. A family tree is a pictorial representation of genealogical data. The following points help in drawing a family tree.

  • All the female members of the family are represented by a circle. The name of the person is written inside the circle for convenience.
  • All the male members of the family are represented by a square. The name of the person is written inside the square for convenience.
  • The relation between two members of the family is shown by connecting a double-headed arrow.
  • The spouse relation is represented by the two ends of a double-headed arrow.
  • All the family members of the upper generation are represented above in the family tree. Ex: father, mother, uncle, aunt, etc. The logic can be extended by representing the grandparents above the parents in the family tree. Ex: grandfather and grandmother.
  • All the family members of the same generation are represented in the middle of the family tree. Ex: brothers, Sisters, cousins, wife, husband, etc.
  • All the family members of the next generation are represented below in the family tree. Ex: Daughter, son, niece, nephew.

Blood Relation Questions – Types

Over the years, the standard and type of questions that are being asked about the blood relation topic have seen a slight turn. Initially, the questions used to be less complex and statement or dialogue-based, but with the increased competition, the variety of questions being asked has also changed.
Being one of the most common concepts from which questions are asked in exams, given below are the different ways in which the blood relation questions may be asked in the competitive exams, for the assistance of candidates:

Sr.No. Types Description
1. Dialogue/ Conversation Based – In such questions, one person describes his/her relation with another person (this may or may not be related to the person with whom the conversation is being made).
2. Based on Puzzles – To make the questions complex, blood relation questions are also being asked in the form of a puzzle. A piece of brief information about multiple people being interrelated is given and sub-questions based on the same may be asked.
3. Coding-Decoding – The relationship between two people may be denoted using symbols. This has become a common method of asking blood relation questions in competitive exams, nowadays.

Observations from the family tree

  • Akash and Arjun are brothers and Anne is the wife of Arjun.
  • Myra is the daughter of Arjun and Anne.
  • Veena is the mother of Akash and She has three brothers, Vishnu, Ravi and Guru.
  • Lakshmi Narayan is the father of Arjun and the son of Krishna Rao and Radha.
  • Narayan and Shakuntala are husband and wife and are the parents of Veena.
Sr.No. Type of Relationship Terminology in Use
1. Mother’s or Father’s son Myself/Brother
2. Mother’s or Father’s daughter Myself/Sister
3. Mother’s or Father’s brother Uncle
4. Mother’s or Father’s sister Aunt
5. Mother’s or Father’s father Grandfather
6. Mother’s or Father’s mother Grandmother
7. Son’s wife Daughter-in-law
8. Daughter’s husband Son-in-law
9. Husband’s or wife’s sister Sister-in-law
10. Husband’s or wife’s brother Brother-in-law
11. Brother’s son Nephew
12. Brother’s daughter Niece
13. Uncle or aunt’s son or daughter Cousin
14. Sister’s husband Brother-in-law
15. Brother’s wife Sister-in-law
16. Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s daughter Great-granddaughter
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Blood Relation Questions pdf

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