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Dear readers, today we are going to share the Black Book of English Vocabulary 2023 PDF Download free for all of you. As you know guys that English is one of the languages but in today’s time it can also decide people’s future. It also plays a very vital and important role in many types of competitive exams.

The English language is also a deciding factor in whether you will get a job or not. Therefore in this post here we will share with you the Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf format which you can easily download for free below in this post. In this article, we will give you complete information about the Black Book of English Vocabulary which will be very knowledgeable for you.

Black Book of English Vocabulary 2023 pdf will be very useful for all SSC aspirants who appear in upcoming exams SSC ( SSC CGL, SSC ChSL, MTS, Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, SSC CPO, SSC JE, Et). It is also one of the best books which helps to score good marks in various competitive and government exams.

Through Black Book of English Vocabulary 2023, students or candidates can improve their English language communication skills as well. It is also very valuable for those aspirants who are preparing for the exams conducted by SSC, IBPS, LIC, and various other exams.

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Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF 2023

SNo. Word Meaning Hindi
1. Infallible that never fails // always doing what it is supposed to do अचकू
2. Misogynist a person who dislikes women स्त्री जाती से द्वेष करनेवाला
3. Philanthropist a rich person who helps the poor and those in need, especially by giving money जन हितैषी
4. Misanthrope a person who hates and avoids other people मानव द्वेषी
5. Bureaucracy a system of government in which there are a large number of state officials who are not elected नौकरशाही
6. Cannibal a person who eats human flesh नरभक्षक
7. Claustrophobia an extreme fear of being in a small confined place छोटे जगह में होने का अत्यधिक डर
8. Egoist a person who thinks he/she is better than other people and who thinks and talks too much about himself/herself अहंवादी
9. Elegy a poem/song that expresses sadness, especially for somebody who has died शोकगीत
10. Epilogue a speech at the end of a play, book, or film/movie that comments on or acts as a conclusion to what has happened उपसंहार
11. Epitaph an inscription on a tombstone समाधि-लेख
12. Fastidious being careful that every detail is correct // not liking things to be dirty/ untidy दुराराध्य
13. Inevitable that you cannot avoid/prevent अपरिहार्य
14. Oligarchy a form of government in which only a small group of people hold all the power कुलीनतंत्र
15. Optimist a person who always expects good things to happen or things to be successful आशावादी
16. Panacea something that will solve all the problems of a particular situation रामबाण
17. Altruist someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human wellbeing परोपकारी सिद्धांतों वाला
18. Aristocracy the rule by nobles / government by person of highest social order श्रेष्ठजनों के द्वारा राज्य शासन
19. Atheist a person who believes that god does not exist नास्तिक
20. Calligraphy beautiful handwriting that you do with a special pen/brush. सुलेख
21. Connoisseur an expert on matters involving the judgmental beauty, quality or skill in art, food or music विशेषज्ञ
22. Fatalist a person who believes that events are decided by fate and cannot be controlled. भाग्यवादी
23. Invincible too strong to be defeated/changed अजेय
24. Mercenary a soldier who will fight for any country/group that offers payment किराए का टट्टू
25. Ascetic a person who lives in a simple and strict way, without physical pleasures, especially for religious reasons (monks, hermits, saints) तपस्वी
26. Carnivorous animals that eat meat मांसभक्षी
27. Cartography the art or process of drawing or making maps मानचित्रकारी
28. Etymology the study of the origin and history of words and their meanings शब्द-व्युपत्ति शास्त्र
29. Homicide the crime of killing somebody deliberately मानव हत्या
30. Iconoclast a person who criticizes popular beliefs/ established customs and ideas रिवाज़ तोड़ने वाला
31. Illegible difficult/ impossible to read अस्पष्ट
32. Incorrigible having bad habits which cannot be changed or improved असंशोधनीय
33. Insomnia the condition of being unable to sleep अनिद्रा
34. Nepotism giving unfair advantages to your own family if you are in a position of power, especially by giving them jobs भाई-भतीजावाद
35. Obsolete no longer used because something new has been invented अप्रचिलत
36. Patricide the crime of killing your father पिता का वध
37. Philatelist a person who collects or studies stamps डाक के टिकट का संग्रहक
38. Stoic a person who is able to suffer pain/trouble without complaining/showing what they are feeling उदासीन
39. Alien hostile, strange and frightening // different from what you are used to विदेशी
40. Amateur a person who likes to take part in a sport/ other activity for enjoyment, not as a job शौक़ीन व्यक्ति
41. Amnesia a medical condition in which somebody partly/ completely loses his memory भूलने की बीमारी
42. Anarchy a situation in a country, an organization, etc. in which there is no government, order/control अराजकता
43. Anthropology the study of the human race, especially of its origin, development, customs and beliefs मनुष्य जाती का
44. Archives a collection of historical documents/records of a government, a family, a place or an organization अभिलेखागार
45. Credible that can be believed or trusted विश्वसनीय
46. Effeminate looking, behaving/ sounding like a woman/ a girl नारी जैसा
47. Feminist a person who supports the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men नारीवादी
48. Genocide the murder of a whole race or a group of people नरसंहार
49. Gullible easily tricked because of being too trusting आसानी से धोखा खानेवाला
50. Honorarium a payment made for somebody’s professional services // a fee paid for a nominally free service मानदेय

Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF 2023 Download

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Part C: Special Words

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2. List of Mania
3. List of Phile
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5. Words Denoting Ages
6. Words related to sleep
7. words denoting places
8. List of Logy
9. List of Graphy
10. Form of Government
11. Form of Worship
12. Name of Scientific Instruments
13. Literary Words
14. Foreign Words and phrases

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