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Bihar ITI College List - Description

Hey Folks, here we are offering Bihar ITI College List PDF to all of you. This amazing article is going to be very helpful for those students or college seekers who are looking for a perfect college for them so that they can pursue their desired courses there.
If you are one of those then you should go through the following pdf file because here we have picked all the ITI College lists in Bihar for all of you which will guide you to select a college as per your ambitions. This list is also categorized district-wise so that you can navigate it easily.

Bihar ITI College List PDF

Bihar ITI College Bihar District Trade
Vijaya Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Viashali Private ITI, Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Vaishali Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Vaishali ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Urmila Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Unique Pvt. ITIc Vaishali Electrician
Shourya ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Shiva Ji Pvt ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Sdt Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Satya Janki Devi Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Sagar Mahila Private ITI Vaishali Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician
S.P. S. Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Ramchandra ITC Vaishali Electrician
Ramaiya Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Ram Kumari Devi Private ITI, Vaishali Electrician
Ram Deo Singh Pvt. ITI Vaishali Electrical, Fitter
Ram Bachan Sharma Pvt.ITI Vaishali Electrician
Rajendra Rai Pvt ITI Vaishali Electrician
R.C.S Pvt. ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Priyanshi ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Padma Shree K.D. Dewaan ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Om Pvt. ITI Vaishali Electrician
Nb Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Navbharat Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Mgm Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Mgm Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Md. Haroon Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Mathura Singh Savitri Devi ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Mahnar Private ITI-QCI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Laxmi Pvt ITI Vaishali Electrician
Laliteshhna ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Kapildeo Private ITI-QCI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Jagdamba Private Industrial Training Institute Vaishali Electrician
Hari Om Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Hajipur Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Greater PvtITI Vaishali Electrician
Govt Industrial Training Institute Vaishali Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Global Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Glister Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Dr. Laxmi Prasad Sinha Private ITI, Vaishali Electrician
Discovery Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Dimond Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Chaurasia Rajkishore Pvt ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Chandra Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Chandra ITC Vaishali Electrician
C.R.K. Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Buddha Vaishali Pvt. ITI. Vaishali Electrician
Buddha Private ITI Vaishali Electrician
Br Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
BPS Private ITI-QCI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Bihar Industrial Training Centre At-PO Hajipur Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Bhushan Raghuvir Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Bhagmati Bhukhan ITC Vaishali Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Asha Private ITI Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Al-Falah Industrai Training Centre at Bagh Dulhan Vaishali Electrician, Fitter
Techno Media ITC, Lohiya Nagar Supaul Basic Cosmetology, Electrician, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance
Govt.Industrial Training Institute Supaul Supaul Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Govt Industrial Training Institute, Birpur Supaul Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic Diesel, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Zawar Hussain Private ITI Siwan Fitter
Swatantrata Senani Mahendra Private Industrial Training Institute Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Subhash Prasad Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel, Plumber, Welder
Siwan Institute of Technology Siwan Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Sewing Technology
Sakar Pvt ITI Siwan Electrician
Ram Swaroop Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Palak Buddha Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Mahendra Nath Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Lord Budha Private ITI, Siwan Electrician, Fitter
John Eliot Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Jmd Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Guthani Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Gorakh Prasad Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
D.V.S. Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Chandra Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Central Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
CBI ITC Siwan Electrician
Brij Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Bindi Devi Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Bhartiya Private ITI Siwan Electrician, Fitter
Baba Mahendranath Pvt. ITI Siwan Electrician
Techood Industrial Traning Institute Sitamarhi Electrician, Fitter
Sunayana Industrial Training Center Sitamarhi Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Sita Ram ITC Sitamarhi Electrician
Shashi Memorial Private ITI Sitamarhi Electrician
Ramsukh Industrial Training Centre Suppi Sitamarhi Electrician
Namda Private ITI Sitamarhi Electrician
Namda ITC Sitamarhi Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel, Sewing Technology
Modern Educational Private ITI, Sitamarhi Electrician
Maitreyi Private ITI, Sitamarhi Electrician
Mahatma Budha ITC, Sitamarhi Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Lakshmi Ramsagar Private ITI Sitamarhi Electrician, Fitter
Lakshaya ITC Sitamarhi Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Govt Industrial Training Institute Sitamarhi Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Mechanic Diesel, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
mahavidyadeviprivateiti Sheohar Electrician
Vatika Private ITI Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Techno India Private ITI Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Sri Sai Pvt. ITI Sheikhpura Electrician
Shri Shiv Nandan Private ITI Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Shekhpura Private ITI Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Shailbala Pvt. ITI Sheikhpura Electrician
RS Private ITI Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Magadh Private ITI, Sheikhpura Electrician
Dr Srikrishana Singh Private ITI Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Adventure Private ITI, Sheikhpura Electrician
Aditya Saurav Private ITI, Sheikhpura Electrician, Fitter
Vsg Private Industrial Training Institute Saran Electrician, Fitter
Vijay Anand Pvt. I.T.I. Saran Electrician, Fitter
Vaishali Private ITI Saran Electrician
Tripti Narayan Singh Private ITI, Saran Electrician
Tejaswi Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Suraj Sawariya Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Sri Sai Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Sita Ram Private ITI, Saran Electrician, Fitter
Shiv Kumari Singh Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Shilpi Private ITI Saran Electrician
Sharda Pvt. ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Satyam Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Satyakala Pvt. ITI-QCI Saran Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
S.S ITC Saran Electrician, Fitter
S.D.S.M. Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
RSM private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
R.K. Singh Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
New Radiant Pvt ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Modern Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Manoj Kumar Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Maa Prabhawati Singh Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Maa Ambika Bhawani Private ITI, Saran Electrician, Fitter
Kunal Private ITI-QCI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Kiran Shankar ITC Saran Electrician, Fitter
Jawahar Lal ITC Saran Electrician, Fitter
Jagarnath Singh Jagroshan Devi ITC Saran Electrician, Fitter
Hariharnath ITC Saran Electrician, Fitter
Harihar Nath Pvt ITI Saran Electrician
Govt Industrial Training Institute Marhowara Saran Draughtsman (Mech.), Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
DBS ITC Saran Electrician, Fitter
C.S private I T I Marhowrah Saran Electrician, Fitter
Baba Vishwakarma Private ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
B.P.S Industrial Training Centre Chapra Saran Electrician, Fitter
Aryan Pvt. ITI Saran Electrician, Fitter
Alrehan Private ITI, Saran Electrician, Fitter
Sushila Thakur Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Sharda Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Satanpur Pvt ITI Samastipur Electrician
Santmat ITC Samastipur Electrician
Sant Kabir ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Samastipur ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Samastipur Institute Of Technology Samastipur Electrician
Sahil ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
S.N.L.B Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Rvs Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Ranjan Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Ranjan ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Rajendra ITC Samastipur Electrician
Rahbar Industrial Technical Institute Samastipur Electrician, Plumber
New Sant Kabir Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
New Samastipur ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
New Rajendra Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Namda ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance, Mechanic Diesel
Mithilanchal Gaurav Private ITI, Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Maa Sharda Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Maa Rankini Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Lakshya Rajendra Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Lakshya Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Jyoti ITC Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Haji MD Umar Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Gurukul Pvt. ITI Samastipur Electrician
Gautam Buddha Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Dalsinghsarai technical Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Buddha Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Azad Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Aryabhatta Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Akhilesh Singh Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Aditya Raj Private ITI Samastipur Electrician, Fitter
Siya ITC Saharsa Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Durgbha Private Industrial Training Institute Saharsa Electrician, Fitter
Chaudhary Mohammad Salahuddin Private ITI Saharsa Electrician, Fitter
Vishwamitra Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Vishwakarma ITC, Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Technocrats ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Tarachandi Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Swami Vivekanand Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Rohtas Electrician
Swami Vivekanand Pvt. I.T.I. Rohtas Electrician
Sushil ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Sunshine Pvt. ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Sri Ramji Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
SherShah ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Shershah ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Shakuntalam ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Shahbad ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Satya Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Satya Narayan Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Saraswati ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Sangam Pvt. ITI Rohtas Electrician
Sangali ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Rohtas Industrail Training Centre Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
RGSM Pvt. ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Rajpur Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Rahul Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Prabha ITC Rohtas Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter
Popular ITC, Lalganj, Baijla Road Sasaram Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Patel Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Parwati Private ITI- Rohtas Electrician
Parmarth Industrial Training Centre Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Pandit Brahmdev Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
P.H. Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
New Shershah ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
New Jai Mata Di Private ITI Rohtas Electrician
Moti Devi Pvt. ITI Rohtas Electrician
Modern Industrial Training Centre Shayam Nagar Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Modern Industrail Training centre A.S College Road Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Model Institute of Technology Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Manoj Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician
Mangal Singh Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Malti Pvt ITI Rohtas Electrician
Mahatma Gandhi ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Maa Bhavani Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
M.Q. Institute of Technology Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Kedar Mishra Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Jai Mata Di ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Ideal Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
H.P. ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Gems Pvt. ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Gems ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Gems Girl Private ITI Rohtas Draughtsman (Civil), Sewing Technology
Gayatri Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Dev Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Bhagwan Singh ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Bhagwan Das ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Bahudesiya Industrial Training Centre Rohtas Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter
Baba Jankinath ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Aryaman ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Archi ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Anshumali Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Anandi Private ITI- Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Amit ITC Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Ambedkar Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Aishwaryagyan Private ITI, Rohtas Electrician
Aayansh Private ITI Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
A.K. Private ITIHansraj Nagar, Admapur Rohtas Electrician, Fitter
Upendra Private ITI Purnia Electrician, Fitter
Umakant Sulochana Private ITI, Purnia Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Uma Pvt. ITI Purnia Electrician, Fitter
Swami Vivekanand Mission Private ITI-QCI Purnia Electrician
Swadeshi Private ITI, Purnia Electrician, Fitter
Seemanchal Private ITI Purnia Electrician, Fitter
Purnea Private Industrial Training Institute Purnia Electrician, Fitter
Purna Aranya Pvt ITI Purnia Electrician
Narayan Private ITI Purnia Electrician, Fitter
Imarat Technical Institute ITC Purnia Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Welder
Shree Bahadur Singh Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
S.N. Pvt ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
S R Pvt ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Moutiur Rahman Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Mata Anari Devi Private ITI, A2 Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Indus Pvt ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Government Industrial Training Institute Purba Champaran Carpenter, Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Consumer Electronics), Mechanic (Tractor), Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Eastern Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Buddha Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Bhaskar Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Bharti Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Bettiah Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Bapudham ITC Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Awadhesh Singh Private ITI Purba Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Mamta Institute of Technology ITC Patna Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic (Consumer Electronics)
Mahavir Private ITI Patna Electrician
Maha Lakshmi Private ITI, Patna Electrician
Magadh Industrial Training Centre Nasriganj Patna Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Maa Kamla Private ITI Patna Electrician
Maa Jagdamba ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Maa Gaytri Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Maa Gayatri Private ITI Patna Electrician
Loyala Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter, Machinist, Mechanic R AC
Lord Budha ITC Patna Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Lok Nayak ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kusumraj Pvt ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kusumraj Private ITI- Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kumhrar Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kuber ITC Patna Electrician
Konteya Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kiran ITC Patna Electrician
Kautilya Private ITI, Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kanti Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Kamal Deo Prasad ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Jyoti Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Jiya ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Janhit Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Janakveer Private ITI- Patna Electrician
Jai Mata Sarswati ITC Patna Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Jai HindPrivate ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Jagtaran Kunwar Private ITI, Patna Electrician
Jageani Fulmanti Private ITI, Patna Electrician
Jagdamba Private ITI Patna Electrician
J.P.N PRIVATE ITI Patna Electrician
ITC Anisabad Patna Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Industrail Training Centre Paharpur More Fulwarisharif Road Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Indra Brother’s ITC Patna Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter
Indiramadhwrya Private ITI, Patna Electrician
Indian ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Hitech Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Hind ITC Patna Electrician
Himalaya ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Harsh Industrial Taining Centre Patna Electrician, Fitter
Hari Om ITC, Dighaghat Patna Electrician, Fitter
Hameed ITC Patna Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
H.P ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Gyan Ganga ITC Patna Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Gulzarbagh Private Industrial Training Institute Patna Electrician, Fitter
Guatam Budh ITC, Nayachak Patna Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women Patna Sewing Technology
Govt Industrial Training Institute Patna Draughtsman (Civil), Draughtsman (Mech.), Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Mechanic R AC, Plumber, Sewing Technology, Sheet Metal Worker, Surveyor, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Global ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Girija ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Geeta Devi ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Gautam Budh Private ITI Patna Electrician
Gaurav Private Industrial Training Institute Patna Electrician
Ganga Prasad Private ITI, Patna Electrician, Fitter
Ganga ITC Patna Electrician
Gajraj Pvt ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Fatuha ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
EL Tech. ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
E-Smart Private ITI- Patna Electrician, Fitter
Dr. M.P.Singh ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Dr. Kumar ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Digha ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Dhanarua Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Patna Electrician
Devyam Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Devi Industrial Training Centre Mubarkpur Patna Electrician, Fitter
Dev Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Danapur Industrial Training Institute Patna Electrician
Creative ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Chanakya Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Budhdha Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Buddha Vishweshwaraiya ITC, Sipara Patna Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Brillant Industrial Training Centre Canel Road Jal Patna Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter
Briksha Watika ITC Patna Electrician
Bikram Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Bihar ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Bhartiya Industrial Training Centre Danapur Patna Electrician, Fitter
Bharti Private ITI-QCI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Bharat Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Basudeo Private ITI Patna Electrician
Barh ITC Patna Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Balajee Institute of Technology Patna Electrician, Fitter
B.S. ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
B.P.S ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
B K Institute of Technology Patna Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic R AC
Azmet ITC Patna Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Azad Industrail Traning Centre At-Paharpur Patna Electrician, Fitter
Axis ITC Patna Electrician
Awadesh Sharma ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Astha ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Ashiana Industrial Training Centre Patna Electrician, Fitter
Asha Pvt. ITI- Patna Electrician, Fitter
Aryan ITC Patna Electrician, Fitter
Anushka Private ITI, Patna Electrician, Fitter
Angel Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Anand Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Amin Girls ITC, Opposite Hai Commercial Patna Sewing Technology
Aditya ITC Patna Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Abhedya Private ITI Patna Electrician, Fitter
Unique Private ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Thakur G.N. Singh Private ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Someshwar Nath Private ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Sathi Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Reyaz ITC Pashchim Champaran Draughtsman (Civil), Electronics Mechanic, Plumber, Sewing Technology
Prabha Shree (Private) Industrial Training Institute Pashchim Champaran Electrician
Majhaulia Private ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
lakshya private ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Krishna Pvt ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Krishna Industrial Training Centre Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Govt.ITI Bettiah Pashchim Champaran Carpenter, Electrician, Fashion Design Technology, Fitter, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Plumber, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Abhinav Private ITI Pashchim Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Trinetra Pvt ITI Nawada Electrician
SRI RLS Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Sidhhath ITC, Gauri Nagar Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Shiv Private ITI, Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Savitri Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Sapna Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Nawada Electrician
Sai Pvt. ITI Nawada Electrician
RS private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Radhe Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
New Magadh(P) ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Maurya ITC Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Manorma Vidya Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Magadh Private ITI, Nawada Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Maa Usha Devi Private ITI, Nawada Electrician
Maa Savitri Pvt ITI Nawada Electrician
Maa Rajkumari Private ITI Nawada Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician
Kumar ITC Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Kalam Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
J.P.S Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Hari Om Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Gurudev Private ITI Nawada Electrician
Govt Industrial Training Institute Nawada Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Gauri Shankar Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Dr. Munnilal Private ITI Nawada Electrician
Chanakya Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Budhadha ITC, Sudama Nagar, Near Sabhawana Chowk Nawada Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Biraj Naurangi Private Iti Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Amrit Private ITI Nawada Electrician, Fitter
Tridev Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Tanu Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Talent Hut Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Takshshila ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Surya Institute of Technology ITC Nalanda Electrician
Sri Vishnu Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician
Sri R.L.S. Pvt ITI Nalanda Electrician
Sri Mahavir Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Sohagiya Pvt. ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Shreya ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Shree Ram Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Shree Hari Narayan Private Industrial Training Institute Nalanda Electrician
Shree Balaji ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Savitri ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Satyam Private Industrial Training Institute Nalanda Electrician
Sardar Patel Private Iti Nalanda Electrician
Saiba ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Rukmini Devi Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Riya Pvt ITI Nalanda Electrician
Ritee Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician
Ramashish Prasad Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Ram Janki ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Rajgir ITC Nalanda Electrician
Rajgir ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Raj Gayatri Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Raghuni Ramakant Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Radhe Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Radhe Krishna Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician
R L S Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician
Pyare Singh Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Paras Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Nidhi Rural ITC Nalanda Electrician
NEW RLS Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Nav Nalanda Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Nalanda ITC, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic (Tractor), Mechanic Diesel
Nalanda ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Nalanda Institute of Technology Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Nalanda Convent Pvt ITI Nalanda Electrician
MTA Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Mata Kari Devi Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Mata Kamleshwari Devi Smarak Sansthan Pvt. ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mata Bimla ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mata Ahilya Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Mata Ahilya Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Manav Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician
Mamta Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Mamta Industrail Training Centre Bahisasur Nalanda Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mahavir Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Mahatma Budh Private ITI- Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Mahadev Private ITI , – Nalanda Electrician
Magadh ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Maa Smriti Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Maa Shitla Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Maa Shanti Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Maa Mansa Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Kumar Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Kisan Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Kisan Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
KDS private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Kd Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
KCP Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
K.K.Nul ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
K.K. Neel Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Janki Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
J.P. Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician
J.P. Institute of Technology Private ITI-QCI Nalanda – Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
I.K. Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
H.M. Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Gilani Private Industrial Training Institute Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Gautam Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Gautam Budh Industrail Training Centre Nalanda Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Garib Rath Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Dianaa Private Industrial Training Institute Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Devpati Institute Of Technology Private ITI Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Devendra ITC Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Buddha International Private Iti Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Bharat Private ITI, Nalanda Electrician, Fitter
Bhagwan Budha Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Basudev Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Ansh Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Aadhar Private ITI Nalanda Electrician
Vimla Devi ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
The Guidance Private ITI-QCI Muzaffarpur Electrician
The Guidance Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician
Technospace Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Symbiosis ITC, Kanti Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Swami Vivekanand Private ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician
Srijan Private Industrial Training Institute Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Sri Sai Private ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician
Sri Ram Pvt Iti Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Smt. Daulati Devi Bindeswari Rai ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician
Skyline Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Shiv Govind Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Shaheed Pramod ITC, Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Shaheed Bhagat Private Iti Muzaffarpur Electrician
Satya Private ITI-QCI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Samrat Ashok Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Sai Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Sahkari Shilpi ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Rajnath Chaudhary Privare ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Raj Nandan Singh Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Professional Career Institute Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician
Pratima Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Popular Private Iti Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Palak ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
North Bihar Industrial Training Centre Gobarsahi Dumri Road Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
New Bahudesia ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
NBIT Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Muzaffarpur ITC, Khachchi Sarai Road Muzaffarpur Electrician
Muzaffarpur ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Motipur Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Mohammed Yassen Memorial Technical Institute Muzaffarpur Plumber, Sewing Technology, Welder
Modern Bahudesiya private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician
Madho Mohan PRIVATE ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Maa Tara Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Maa Chandrakanta Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Maa Bhawani Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Lautan Buddha Pvt Iti Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Khudiram Bose Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Heera Private ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
GREATER PVT ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician
Govt.Industrial Training Institute for Women Muzaffarpur Electronics Mechanic
Govt Industrial Training Institute Muzaffarpur Draughtsman (Civil), Draughtsman (Mech.), Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Surveyor, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Ghanshyam Sudama Pvt. Iti Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Gautam Buddha Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Doon Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Chetan Sadhana Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Chandrakala Private ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician
Buddha Technical Industrial Training Centre Khabra Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Bahudesiya Odhogic Unayan Sansthan ITC Muzaffarpur Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic (Consumer Electronics), Mechanic Diesel
Baba Vishwakarma Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Baba Jankinath Private ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Aryan Private ITI, Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Amrapali Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Ambika Bhawani Pvt Iti Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Alliance Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician
A P J Abdul Kalam Private ITI Muzaffarpur Electrician, Fitter
Unique Private ITI, Munger Electrician, Fitter
Tarapur ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter
Swati Navya Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Surendra Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Sunrise Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Sunrise ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter
Srishti ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Shringi Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Shiv Satya Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Satya Sai Pvt. ITI – Munger Electrician
S.R.M Industrial Training Centre Munger Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Ravs ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Ram Kripal Singh Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Rajo Jiwan Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Pratik Private ITI, Munger Electrician, Fitter
Prabhat Private ITI Munger Electrician
Om Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Manju Srijan Private ITI-QCI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Madhu Private Iti Munger Electrician, Fitter
Madhu ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter
Madhav Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Maa Gayatri Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
KUNAL PRIVATE ITI Munger Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter
Jai Baba Baidyanath ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter
Hari Om ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Munger Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Surveyor, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Gita Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
Eminence Industrial Training Centre Basudeipur Munger Electrician, Fitter
Eminence Industrial Training Centre Basudeipur Munger Electrician, Fitter
Durga Private ITI Munger Electrician, Fitter
B.D. Private ITI, Munger Electrician, Fitter, Welder
ANG ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Anandam ITC Munger Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mahatma Gandhi ITC Motihari Electrician, Fitter
Guari Shankar ITC Motihari Electrician, Fitter
Shri Sitanand Jha Private ITI Madhubani Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Sharda Temple Private ITI, Madhubani Electrician
Rabindrasingh Rathour Private ITI, Madhubani Electrician
Pitambar Ramsakhi Private ITI Madhubani Electrician
Nirmali Pvt ITI Madhubani Electrician
Mithala ITC, Madhubani Madhubani Electrician, Fitter
Madhubani ITC Madhubani Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Kashi Private ITI Madhubani Electrician, Fitter
Jhanjharpur Pvt. Iti Madhubani Electrician
Jay Nagar Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Madhubani Electrician, Fitter
I M T Private ITI, Madhubani Electrician
Govt Industrial Training Institute Ghoghardiha Madhubani Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Gems Private ITI Madhubani Electrician, Fitter
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Private ITI Madhubani Electrician, Fitter
Chanakya Private ITI Madhubani Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Bihar ITC Madhubani Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Aryabhatt Private ITI Madhubani Electrician, Fitter
Abu Bakar-Siddique ITC Madhubani Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Plumber
A R Private ITI Madhubani Electrician
Shri Shiv Private ITI, Madhepura Electrician, Fitter
Savitri Private ITI Madhepura Electrician, Fitter
Koshi Private ITI, Madhepura Electrician
Basudev Shri Krishna Institute of Technical Education Private ITI-QCI Madhepura Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Basudev Shree Krishna Private ITI Madhepura Electrician, Fitter
Trimurti Pvt. Iti Lakhisarai Electrician
Sri Hari Private ITI Lakhisarai Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Private ITI, Purani Bazar, Surajgarha Lakhisarai Electrician, Fitter
Bhardawaj Iti Lakhisarai Electrician, Fitter
Baidyanath ITC Lakhisarai Electrician, Fitter
Aprajita Private ITI Lakhisarai Electrician, Fitter
Tauheed Institute of Engineering & Technology Indu Kishanganj Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Mechanic R AC, Sewing Technology, Welder
Masiha Institute of Technology Private ITI Kishanganj Electrician, Fitter
SRI RLS Private ITI Khagaria Electrician, Fitter
Runa Chourasia Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Khagaria Electrician, Fitter
Chinta Devi Rajendra Prasad Private ITI Khagaria Electrician, Fitter
Chandrakala Private ITI, Khagaria Electrician, Fitter
Tirupati Industrial Training Centre Hirday lal Baghi Katihar Electrician
Professor Ale Rasool Private ITI Katihar Electrician, Fitter
Kosi Educational And Welfare Pvt ITI Katihar Electrician, Fitter
Katihar Private ITI Katihar Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Katihar Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Wireman
Aman Private ITI Katihar Electrician, Fitter
Al-Samad Private Industrial Training Institute Katihar Electrician, Fitter
Aflatun Private ITI, Katihar Electrician
Srijan Private ITI- Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Ramgarh Private ITI Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Raj Private Industrial Training Institute Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Paradise ITC Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Kaimur ITC Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
K.B. ITC Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Gyandeep Private ITI-QCI Kaimur (Bhabua) Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter
Gautam Private ITI, Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Dux ITC Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Arvind ITC Bhabua Kaimur Kaimur (Bhabua) Electrician, Fitter
Sri Sant Private ITI, Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Yamuna Munka ITC Jehanabad Electrician
Syad Allauddin Private ITI, Jehanabad Electrician
Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician
Sushil Vidya ITC Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Surendra Kumar Sinha Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Sri Sant Lochan Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Sri Rai Bahadur Ramchand Ram Laxmi Narayan Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Sidheshwar Private Industrial Training Institute Jehanabad Electrician
Rural Pvt Industrail Training Institute Jehanabad Electrician
Raghunandan Sinha Private Industrial Training Institute Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Pratibha Punj Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician
Pratibha Pallavan ITC Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Patliputra Technical College Jehanabad Electrician
Omkar Pvt.Iti Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Nav Jyoti ITC Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Makhppa Private ITI, Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Maa Kamla Chandrika Jee Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Maa Devmati Indradev Jee Private Iti Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Maa Atwariya Devi ITC Jehanabad Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Maa Ambey Private ITI, Jehanabad Electrician
Jay Maa Shardhe Private Industrial Training Institute Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Jay Maa Durga Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician
Hulasganj Private ITI Jehanabad Electrician
Chatrapati Shivaji ITC Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter
Chandradev Prasad Singh Pvt. ITI Jehanabad Electrician
Bijay ITC Jehanabad Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Bhagirath Pvt. ITI Jehanabad Electrician
Aman Bihar Private ITI, Jehanabad Electrician
Visheshwar Private ITI, Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Unique ITC Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Uma Devi Memorial Private ITI Jamui Electrician
Tejash Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
TECHNOCRATS Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Sikandra Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Shashi Private Industrial Training Institute Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Satya Narayan Memorial Pvt. Iti Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Sarvodaya ITC Jamui Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
R.A.V. Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Prachi Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Parijat Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Narayan ITC Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Koushalya Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Jhajha ITC Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Jamui Private Industrial Training Institute Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Durga Private ITI Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Baba Baidyanath Private ITI, Jamui Electrician, Fitter
Yogendra Singh ITC Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Yash Memorial Private ITI Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Vijay Electronic Institute Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Wireman
Swami Bishwa Karma ITC Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
SURYANATH Private ITI Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Sarvodaya Private ITI Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
RN PRIVATE ITI Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Rajendra ITC Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter, Plumber
Prakash ITC Gopalganj Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mukul Electric & Electronics Trg. Institute Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter, Welder, Wireman
Modern Vishwesaraiya ITC Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Kalindra Private ITI, Gopalganj Electrician
ITL Private ITI-QCI Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Gopalganj Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Mechanic Diesel, Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
D P A (P) Industrial Training Institute Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Brite Private ITI Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter, Plumber
Arya Ind.Training Centre Gopalganj Electrician, Fitter
Vivekanand Technical Training College ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Vishnu Buddha Private ITI-QCI Gaya Electrician
Unique Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
Tekari Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Surendra Narayan Pvt. ITI Gaya Electrician
Supriya Pvt. ITI Gaya Electrician
Sujan ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
St. Columbus ITC Gaya Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
South Bihar Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
Sidheshwar Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Siddharth ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Shyam Lal Singh Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Shree Ramjee Private ITI, Gaya Electrician, Fitter
SHREE KRISHNA Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Sherghati Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
Shanti Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
SHANTI Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Shakti Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Sephali Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Sanjay Singh Yadav Private Iti Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Sambodhi Pvt Iti Gaya Electrician
Ram Bhajan private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Ram Bagh Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Poonam Private ITI-QCI Gaya Electrician
Piyush Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
PACIFIC PRIVATE ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Nezamia Industrial Training Centre at PO Bishunpura Via Chirki Gaya Electrician, Fitter, Sewing Technology
New Chankya Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
Nav Bihar ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
National ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Muskan Pvt. Iti Gaya Electrician
Muneswar Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Maurya Private Industrial Training Institute Gaya Electrician
Mannu Prabha Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
Malti Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mahabodhi Pvt. ITC, Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Magadh Industrial Training Centre Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Madan Arun Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Maa Mangla ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Maa Jagdambe Private ITI-QCI Gaya Electrician
Maa Dhungeshwari Pvt.Iti Gaya Electrician
MAA BHAGWATI PRIVATE ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
M S Y Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
M I T R Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Krishna Private ITI-QCI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Jai Maa Kali ITC Gaya Electrician
Jaglal ITC Gaya Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Jag Lal Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Isha Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Internationalpvtiti Gaya Electrician
Institute for Integrated IIC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Indra Private Iti Gaya Electrician
Horizon Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Himanshu Raj Pvt. Iti Gaya Electrician
Hemant Kumar Rai ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Gyan Ganga Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Govt Industrial Training Institute Gaya Carpenter, Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Foundryman, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance, Machinist, Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Global Plus Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Gaya Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Gaya Private Industrial Training Institute Gaya Electrician
Gaya ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Gaya Industrial Training Centre Gangbingha Ashok Nagar Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Gaya ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Gautam Budha Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Gauri Memorial Private ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Dr. Ravindra Kumar Sinha Private ITI, Gaya Electrician
DR R D Y PRIVATE ITI Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Private Iti Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Cherki Private ITI-QCI Gaya Electrician
Chanakya ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Budha ITC, Pandey Parsawan Gaya Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Brilliant Private ITI Gaya Electrician
Bodh Gaya ITC Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Apex Private Iti Gaya Electrician, Fitter
Sukh Chandra Mishra Private ITI Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
RAMESHWAR PRIVATE ITI Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
Mithilanchal Private Industrial Training Institute Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
Mithila Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Darbhanga Electrician
Mithila Private ITI, Darbhanga Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter
Mithila Private ITI Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
Mithila Private ITI Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Maulana Abdul kalam Azad ITC Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
Mannu Itc, Leheriasarai Darbhanga Electrician, Plumber
Integrated Infotech Private ITI Darbhanga Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter
Imarat Mojibiah Tech Institute Darbhanga Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Welder
Haque ITC Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Govt Industrial Training Institute Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Global Private ITI Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
Farooqui Private ITI Darbhanga Electrician, Plumber
Darbhanga Private ITI, Darbhanga Electrician, Fitter
Bela Private Iti Darbhanga Electrician
Ayub ITC Darbhanga Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician
Ashfaq Hussain Memorial Private Indusrial Tranning Center Darbhanga Electrician
Aliwordi ITC Darbhanga Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician
Shivam ITC Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Saran Industrial Training Centre Chapra Electrician, Electronics Mechanic
Dr. Rajendra Prasad ITC Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Sakaldhari Prasad Private ITI Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Radiant Private ITI, Chapra Electrician, Fitter
KGN Private ITI Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Jay Maha ITC Chapra Electrician
Jagdambika ITC Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Ganpati Private ITI Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Chapra Private ITI Chapra Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Bihar Private ITI Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Banaras Singh Private ITI Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Ambika ITC Bahuria Kothi Chapra Electrician, Fitter
Sikrahna ITC Champaran Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter
Safdar Hashmi ITI Champaran Electrician, Fitter
S .K. Industrial Education ITC Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Ramkewal Singh Industrial Training Centre Ganesh Mkt. Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Ram Raheem Private ITI Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Rajendra Singh ITC Champaran Electrician, Fitter
North Bihar ITC Champaran Fitter, Plumber
Hafiz Taiyab ITC Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Dr. S.P. Singh Private ITI, Champaran Electrician, Fitter
Akin Private ITI Champaran Electrician, Fitter
ST Sitaram Private ITI Buxar Electrician, Fitter
SRM ITC Buxar Electrician, Sewing Technology
Sitaram Private Iti Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Shri Ram Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Shri Ram Private Iti Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Shri Ram Education & ITC Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Shiv Shakti Pvt. Iti Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Shiv Muna Private ITI Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Sheo Dyal Institute of Industrial Training Centre, Industrial Area, Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Sadguru Technical Private ITI Buxar Electrician
Sad Guru Industrial Training Centre Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Rajesh Ranjan ITC Buxar Electrician
Prabha Govind Private ITI Buxar Electrician, Fitter
NRI Private ITI Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Nijamul Haque Pvt Iti Buxar Electrician
Maharshi Vishva Mitra ITC Buxar Electrician, Fitter
M.K ITC, Mitralok Colony Pandey Pati Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Kabeer Private ITI, Buxar Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Buxar Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Gauri Sankar Private ITI, Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Gajendra Private ITI Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Daksh Pvt. Iti Buxar Electrician
Binod Kumar ITC Buxar Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
BD PRIVATE ITI Buxar Electrician, Fitter
Zahoor ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Z. Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Veer Kunwar Singh Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Vatshalya Private ITI, Bhojpur Electrician
Urmila Hitaishi Private ITI- Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Tarkeshwar Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Taqiuddin ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Suryamani Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Sudama Devi Pvt. Iti Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Srijan Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Sri Sai Private ITI, Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Sitaram Private Industrial Training Institute Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
SIR Sheosagar Ramgulam Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Sir Sheo Sagar Ramgulam ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Shanti Ram Private , Bhojpur Bhojpur Electrician, Mechanic (Consumer Electronics)
Shaheed Vidyanand Singh Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Shabila ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Saint S.R. Baba ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Rudra Pratap Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
RBS Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Radiant Private ITI, Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Piro Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
New Srijan Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
NAV BHARAT PRIVATE ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Mahthin Mai Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Mahavir Pvt Iti Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Kishundew Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Kishan Private Industrial Training Institute Bhojpur Electrician
K.P ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Jhalak Baba ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Jahoor Pvt Iti Bhojpur Electrician
Ishaque ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Integrity ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Imperial Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician
Gurukul ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Dr. R.Dayal Private ITI Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Bhojpur ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Bharat Private ITI, Bhojpur Electrician
Basu Private ITI- Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Basiuddin Private ITI, Bhojpur Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Balajee Private ITI, Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Ambey Private ITI, Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Ambey ITC Bhojpur Electrician, Fitter
Swami Vivekanand Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Mechanic Diesel
Swami Vivekanand ITC Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
SUMITRA DEVI PRIVATE ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Sultanganj Private ITI, Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Ssb Sunaina Private Iti Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Silicon Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Shridi Sai Geeta ITC Bhagalpur Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance, Mechanic Diesel
Shree Sai Baba ITC Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Shiv Shakti Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician
Shiv Industrial Training Centre Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Satyabhama Private ITI, Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Raj Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Pragati Private ITI, Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Pinki ITI Bhagalpur Electrician
N.E.C Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
N.E.C ITC Bhagalpur Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter
Manorama ITC Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Mahadev Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Mahabir Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Jaiprani Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Indu Jayanti Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Hitachi ITC Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Bhagalpur Carpenter, Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Stenography (Hindi), Surveyor, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Bhagalpur Industrial Training Centre Tilkamanju Jai Road Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Bhagalpur City Private ITI, Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Barahat Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
ARYABHATTA NEC Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Advanced Private ITI Bhagalpur Electrician, Fitter
Techno Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Sundari Pyare Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Sulaiman ITC Begusarai Electrician
Shree Ram Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Shankar Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Sachchida Nand Private ITI Begusarai Electrician
Rajendra Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
R.N. ITC Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Navbharat Private Iti Begusarai Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mata Sunaina Industrail Training Centre Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Begusarai Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic Diesel, Mechanic R AC, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Gautam Budha Pvt ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Dwarika Pvt Iti Begusarai Electrician
Dr. Suleman Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Dr Sulaiman Private ITI Begusarai Fitter
Dikshant Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Bhavisya Bharti Technical Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Bharat Private ITI Begusarai Electrician
Begusarai Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter, Sewing Technology
Ramdiri Tola Loverchok Begusarai Electrician
Ashirward Industrial Training Centre Ramdiri Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Anushka private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Anandamai Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Anandam Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter, Welder
Aditya Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Aacharya Kunti Private ITI Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Aacharya ITC Begusarai Electrician, Fitter
Sardar Ramkaran Private ITI Banka Electrician, Fitter
Sai Private ITI Banka Electrician
Sai Baba Paltu Bheshdhari Pvt Iti Banka Electrician, Fitter
Ritlal Pvt Iti Banka Electrician, Fitter
NEC Private ITI Banka Electrician, Fitter
Nascent Engineering ITC Banka Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Mandar Private ITI Banka Electrician, Fitter
Maa Yashodhara Private ITI Banka Electrician, Fitter
Bhavani Private Iti Banka Electrician, Fitter
Adwaita Mission Private ITI Banka Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Welder
Zila Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Vivekanand Private ITI, Aurangabad Electrician
Super Aadarsh Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Siddharth Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel ITC, Daudnagar Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
SANGAM PRIVATE ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Sai Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Ram Dayal Singh ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Ram Ratan singh Private ITI , Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Ram Nandan Pandey ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
R.P.S Private ITI, Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Progresive ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Om ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
New Sai Private ITI- Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
New Sai Private ITI- Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
New Adarsh Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician
Maharana Pratap ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Maa Sharda Private Industrial Training Institute Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Maa Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Maa Laxmi Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Lord Shiva Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Laxmi Narayan Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Lav Kush Pvt ITI Aurangabad Electrician
Late Gupteswar Singh Private Industrial Training Institute Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Jay Prakash Narayan Private ITI-QCI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Jai Mahavir Private Industrial Training Institute Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Industek ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Haspura Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Eklauva Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician
Deep Lal Singh ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Chandrasekhar Singh Chandravanshi Private ITI Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
C.S. Chandravanshi ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Barun Private ITI, Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Aurangabad ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Aryabhat ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Arya Bhatt ITC Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Adharsh Industrial Training Centre Aurangabad Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic (Consumer Electronics), Mechanic Diesel
Adarsh ITC, Daudnagar Aurangabad Electrician, Fitter
Vikramshila Private ITI Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Sukhdeo Institute Of Tecnology Private ITI, Arwal Electrician
SRI SAI CENTRAL Private ITI Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Shakuntalam ITC Arwal Electrician
Sardar Valabh Bhai Patel Pvt. Iti Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Ram Bhaman Singh Private ITI Arwal Electrician
New Vivekanand Private Industrial Training Institute Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Mannat Private ITI Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Maa Savitri Private ITI Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Private ITI, Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Private ITI, Arwal
Aditya ITC Arwal Electrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Adarsh Patel Pvt. Iti Arwal Electrician
Adarsh Keshav Private ITI Arwal Electrician, Fitter
Adarsh ITC Arwal Electrician, Fitter
New K.P Pvt. ITI Araria Electrician, Fitter
MGM Private ITI Araria Electrician, Fitter
Govt Industrial Training Institute Araria Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Al-Sahaba Industrial Training Institute Araria Electrician, Fitter
Al-Sahaba Industrial Training Institute Araria

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