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Baby Girl Names Telugu - Description

Dear Friends, here we have uploaded the Baby Girl Names PDF in Telugu to help you. In this post, you can check all types of baby girl names in Telugu language with modern, unique, nicknames starting from A to Z letter. We always try to provide all types of PDFs to our users. Here you definitely find a good, sweet and beautiful Telugu name for your newborn baby girl.

Baby Girl Names PDF in Telugu

Baby Name Meaning
Vidyadhari Highly qualified Most brilliant
Vidwath Highly qualified Most brilliant
Vidhut Electricity
Vijul A silk cotton tree
Ujas Bright Light before dawn
Tejshri Of divine powers
Trushar Thirsty for someone
Sai Sree Flower
Sangamithra Socially friendly
Saiyeisha God Sainath
Shrinkhla Series
Shrizal God
Samanya The unknown one
Sri Sai Sai
Sharnie Dirty stunted grass
Sanghmitra Unity with friendship
Sivamathy Knowledge Moon
Somdatta Moon Religious drink
Sai Suria Flower
Saurya Bravery Power Heroism
Sarthaka Well done
Shaury Brave
Somatra Excelling the Moon
Sadguna Good virtues
Sinsapa Ashok tree
Sanah Skilful Radiance Elegance Conciseness
Samit Collected
Sinu Positive energy Horseless
Renjith Goddess Lakshmi Victory
Rajhans Swan
Ritil Creeper of Love
Abhavya Improper Fearcausing
Anouka Spirit of God
Alekhya Nitya Constant picture A painting
Adritya The Sun
Ankia God is gracious
Rutuja Related with season
Ruthwika Speech
Rushmathi Red haired
Rupriya Beautiful pretty
Rupeshwari Goddess of beauty
Rupasi Beautiful Beautiful lady
Rupashi Beautiful Beautiful lady
Rupali Pretty Beautiful Shapely
Rupal Made of silver
Runzun Sweet music
Runjhun A pleasing musical sound
Runali Red Coloured Lakshmi
Rukumani God name
Rukshiny Hindu God name

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