Ayyappa Sharanu Gosha in English PDF

Ayyappa Sharanu Gosha in English PDF Download

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Ayyappa Sharanu Gosha in English PDF Summary

Dear Hello guys, today we are going to present Ayyappa Swamy Sharanu Gosha PDF in English to all of you. Ayyappa is one of the most significant gods that is mostly worshipped in South India. As you all know in every worship many types of Mantras, hymns and Prayers are recited to get the ultimate blessings of god.

Ayyappa Sharanu Gosha is one of them which is a very wonderful and miraculous hymn. This divine hymn is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. 108 holy names of Lord Ayyappa are described very beautifully in this hymn. By chanting these 108 names people get rid of the many problems by the grace of Him.

Ayyappa Swamy Sharanu Gosha in English PDF

Sri Ayyappa Sharanu Gosha –

  1. Om Shree Svaamine Sharanamayyappa
  2. Hari Hara Sutane Sharanamayyappa
  3. Aapadbhaandavane Sharanamayyappa
  4. Anaadharakshakane Sharanamayyappa
  5. Akhilaanda Koti Brahmaandanaayakane Sharanamayyappa
  6. Annadaana Prabhuve Sharanamayyappa
  7. Ayyappane Sharanamayyappa
  8. Ariyaangaavu Ayyaave Sharanamayyappa
  9. Aarchan Kovil Arane Sharanamayyappa
  10. Kulattapulai Baalakane Sharanamayyappa
  11. Erumeli Shaastane Sharanamayyappa
  12. Vaavarusvaamine Sharanamayyappa
  13. Kannimoola Mahaa Ganapatiye Sharanamayyappa
  14. Naagaraajave Sharanamayyappa
  15. Maalikaapuratta Dulokadevi Sharanamayyappa Maataaye
  16. Kuruppa Svaamiye Sharanamayyappa
  17. Sevippa Varkaananda Moortiye Sharanamayyappa
  18. Kaashivaasi Ye Sharanamayyappa
  19. Hari Dvaara Nivaasiye Sharanamayyappa
  20. Shree Rangapattana Vaasiye Sharanamayyappa
  21. Karuppatoor Vaasiye Sharanamayyappa
  22. Gollapoodi Dharmashaastaave Sharanamayyappa
  23. Sadguru Naadhane Sharanamayyappa
  24. Vilaali Veerane Sharanamayyappa
  25. Veeramanikantane Sharanamayyappa
  26. Dharma Shaastrave Sharanamayyappa
  27. Sharanugoshapriyave Sharanamayyappa
  28. Kaanti Malai Vaasane Sharanamayyappa
  29. Ponnambalavaasiye Sharanamayyappa
  30. Pandalashishuve Sharanamayyappa
  31. Vaavarin Tolane Sharanamayyappa
  32. Mohineesutave Sharanamayyappa
  33. Kan Kanda Daivame Sharanamayyappa
  34. Kaliyugavaradane Sharanamayyappa
  35. Sarvaroga Nivaarana Dhanvantara Moortiye Sharanamayyappa
  36. Mahishimardanane Sharanamayyappa
  37. Poorna Pushkala Naadhane Sharanamayyappa
  38. Van Puli Vaahanane Sharanamayyappa
  39. Baktavatsalane Sharanamayyappa
  40. Bhoolokanaadhane Sharanamayyappa
  41. Ayindumalaivaasave Sharanamayyappa
  42. Shabari Giree Shane Sharanamayyappa
  43. Irumudi Priyane Sharanamayyappa
  44. Abhishekapriyane Sharanamayyappa
  45. Vedapporuleene Sharanamayyappa
  46. Nitya Brahma Chaarine Sharanamayyappa
  47. Sarva Mangaladaayakane Sharanamayyappa
  48. Veeraadhiveerane Sharanamayyappa
  49. Omkaarapporule Sharanamayyappa
  50. Aanandaroopane Sharanamayyappa
  51. Bhakta Chittaadivaasane Sharanamayyappa
  52. Aashritavatsa Lane Sharanamayyappa
  53. Bhoota Ganaadipataye Sharanamayyappa
  54. Shaktiroo Pane Sharanamayyappa
  55. Naagaarjunasaagarudharma Shaastave Sharanamayyappa
  56. Shaantamoortaye Sharanamayyappa
  57. Padunelbaabadikki Adhipatiye Sharanamayyappa
  58. Kattaala Visharaaramene Sharanamayyappa
  59. Rishikula Rakshakune Sharanamayyappa
  60. Vedapriyane Sharanamayyappa
  61. Uttaraanakshatra Jaatakane Sharanamayyappa
  62. Tapodhanane Sharanamayyappa
  63. Yangalakula Daivame Sharanamayyappa
  64. Jaganmohane Sharanamayyappa
  65. Mohanaroopane Sharanamayyappa
  66. Maadhavasutane Sharanamayyappa
  67. Yadukulaveerane Sharanamayyappa
  68. Maamalai Vaasane Sharanamayyappa
  69. Shanmukhasodara Ne Sharanamayyappa
  70. Vedaantaroopane Sharanamayyappa
  71. Shankara Sutane Sharanamayyappa
  72. Shatrusamhaarine Sharanamayyappa
  73. Sadgunamoortaye Sharanamayyappa
  74. Paraashaktiye Sharanamayyappa
  75. Paraatparane Sharanamayyappa
  76. Paranjyotiye Sharanamayyappa
  77. Homapriyane Sharanamayyappa
  78. Ganapati Sodara Ne Sharanamayyappa
  79. Dharma Shaastraave Sharanamayyappa
  80. Vishnusutane Sharanamayyappa
  81. Sakala Kalaa Vallabhane Sharanamayyappa
  82. Loka Rakshakane Sharanamayyappa
  83. Amita Gunaakarane Sharanamayyappa
  84. Alankaara Priyane Sharanamayyappa
  85. Kanni Maarai Kappavane Sharanamayyappa
  86. Bhuvaneshvarane Sharanamayyappa
  87. Maataapitaa Gurudaivame Sharanamayyappa
  88. Svaamiyin Pungaavaname Sharanamayyappa
  89. Aludaanadiye Sharanamayyappa
  90. Aludaamede Sharanamayyappa
  91. Kallidrankundre Sharanamayyappa
  92. Karimalaie Trame Sharanamayyappa
  93. Karimalai Erakkame Sharanamayyappa
  94. Periyaan Vattame Sharanamayyappa
  95. Cheriyaana Vattame Sharanamayyappa
  96. Pambaanadiye Sharanamayyappa
  97. Pambayil Veellakke Sharanamayyappa
  98. Neelimalai Ye Trame Sharanamayyappa
  99. Appaachi Mede Sharanamayyappa
  100. Shabaripeetame Sharanamayyappa
  101. Sharam Gutti Aale Sharanamayyappa
  102. Bhasmakulame Sharanamayyappa
  103. Padunettaam Badiye Sharanamayyappa
  104. Neyyeebhi Shekapriyane Sharanamayyappa
  105. Karpoora Jyotiye Sharanamayyappa
  106. Jyotisvaroopane Sharanamayyappa
  107. Makara Jyotiye Sharanamayyappa
  108. Pandala Raaja Kumaarane Sharanamayyappa

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Ayyappa Sharanu Gosha in English pdf

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