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Avani Avittam 2023 Yajur Veda - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering Avani Avittam 2023 Yajur Veda PDF to all of you. The word Avani refers to the Tamil month and Avittama is one of the 27 constellations. On the day of Avani Avittam a sacred fast or ‘Mahasankalpam’ is taken to compensate for the sins committed in the previous year. During this, holy mantras are chanted. Upakarma is celebrated in some parts of the south on the full moon day of the month of Sawan. It is mainly celebrated in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Orissa. The festival of Avani Avittam marks a new beginning in learning the Vedas. Brahmin communities in all corners of the world follow the Avani Avittam ritual with complete dedication and devotion. Avani Avittam holds immense importance for Yajur, Sama and Rigvedic Brahmins. It is a Vedic ritual celebrated mainly by the Brahmin caste of Hindus. In many places Kshatriya and Vaishya people also believe in it.

Avani Avittam 2023 Yajur Veda PDF Overview

Avani Avittam festival dates between 2020 & 2030



2021 Sunday, 22nd of August
2022 Thursday, 11th of August
2023 Wednesday, 30th of August
2024 Monday, 19th of August
2025 Saturday, 9th of August
2026 Thursday, 27th of August
2027 Monday, 16th of August
2028 Saturday, 5th of August
2029 Thursday, 23rd of August
2030 Tuesday, 13th of August

Rituals of Avani Avittam

  • Avani Avittam is the most auspicious day for the Brahmin community. On this day, the male members of the Brahmins family change their sacred thread, usually on the banks of the rivers or ponds or in temples.
  • Some people perform this ritual in their homes. Men undertake a Sankalpa or a vow for the sacrament of all the sins in the past. They take a holy dip and wear the new sacred thread called Yajnopavit or the Poonool.
  • The first step is to offer prayers as a remedy for the sins. The prayer is offered for washing away all sins and gaining the divine blessings to carry out the basic duties of a Brahmin as prescribed in the Vedic texts.
  • At the time of wearing the sacred thread, a mantra is chanted signifying the purity of the sacred thread, which is inseparable from God and is a tool to prolong life. This holy thread shall also impart strength and dignity.
  • Similarly, while removing the old thread, a specific mantra is recited, which signifies the clearing of the old thread (the energies) and marks the new beginning. In simple terms, this day symbolizes retrospection and penitence to mark a new beginning.
  • This day is also auspicious as the Brahmins offer Tarpanam (ancestral rituals) to their ancestors to whom they owe their birth and to the great Rishis to whom they are highly indebted for spiritual knowledge and the Vedas. Homas (fire labs) are also performed.

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