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Dear readers, here we are providing an Atomic Structure Notes PDF to all of you. As such, there are five basic atomic models which have helped us define and understand the structure of the atom more clearly. The five atomic models are as follows: John Dalton’s atomic model: Dalton´s Billiard Ball (Solid Sphere) Model. J.J.
If you are a student and want to understand not only the basics but also the detailed information about the Atomic Structure then you can go through this article because the study of the atomic structure plays a very vital role in the understanding of the pshycis.

Atomic Structure Notes PDF Physics

Atoms are composed of three primary particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons

Particle Symbol Location Electrical Charge RelativeMass(amu) How do you find out how many?
Electron e- Orbits nucleus in energy levels -1
1/1840 Atoms are neutral and therefore have the same # of electrons as protons
Proton P+ Inside Nucleus +1
1 Atomic # (# of protons in an atom’s nucleus), Element specific
Neutron  n⁰ Inside Nucleus 0
(no charge/
1 Mass #
atomic #


Step 1: Complete the squares for each element by adding the atomic number, name, and atomic mass.

  • Write the atomic number at the top of the square.
  • Write the element’s name under the symbol.
  • Write the atomic mass at the bottom of the square.

Step 2: Determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in each element.
Step 3: Create an atomic structure diagram for each element.
Step 4: Draw the Bonding Structure for each element.
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