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Dear readers, here we are presenting the Apprenticeship PDF to all of you. Where the Central Government, after consulting the Central Apprenticeship Council, makes any rule varying the terms and conditions of apprenticeship training of any category of apprentices undergoing such training.
The terms and conditions of every contract of apprenticeship relating to that category of apprentices and subsisting immediately before the making of such rule shall be deemed to have been modified accordingly. So it is very useful for those who are preparing for it.

Apprenticeship PDF

  • Qualifications for being engaged as an apprentice
  • Reservation of training places for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled
    Tribes in designated trades.
  • 3-B. Reservation of training places for Other backward Classes in designated
  • Contract of apprenticeship
  • Novation of the contract of apprenticeship
  • A Regulation of optional trade
  • Apprentices from other States
  • Period of apprenticeship training
  • Termination of apprenticeship contract
  • Number of apprentices for a designated trade and optional trade
  • Practical and basic training of apprentices
  • Related instruction of apprentices
  • Obligations of employers
  • Obligations of apprentices
  • Payment to apprentices
  • Health, safety, and welfare of apprentices
  • Hours of work, overtime, leave, and holidays
  • Employer’s liability for compensation for injury
  • Conduct and discipline
  • Apprentices are trainees and not workers
  • Records and returns
  • Settlement of disputes
  • Holding of test and grant of certificate and conclusion of the training
  • Offer and acceptance of employment
  • Authorities
  • Constitution of Councils
  • Vacancies not to invalidate acts and proceedings
  • Apprenticeship Advisers
  • Deputy and Assistant Apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship Advisers to be public servants
  • Powers of entry, inspection, etc.
  • Offenses and penalties
  • Penalty where no a specific penalty is provided
  • Offences by companies
  • Cognizance of offenses
  • Delegation of powers
  • Construction of references
  • Protection of action taken in good faith
  • Power to make a rule

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Apprenticeship pdf

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