AP Polytechnic Colleges List with Codes PDF

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AP Polytechnic Colleges List with Codes - Description

Hello Guys, here we have uploaded the AP Polytechnic Colleges List with Codes PDF to help you. The Department of Technical Education (DTET) runs many Technical Institutes, degrees, diplomas, and ITI levels. The education department also promotes professional courses in technical and non-technical fields. If you are looking for the best polytechnical courses then you are on the right page. In this article, we have provided the AP Polytechnic Colleges List 2023 PDF.

These all are the best diploma and polytechnic colleges in Andhra Pradesh state. These colleges also offer technical education and vocational training in specialized fields to the students. You can choose the following engineering school or polytechnic college location-wise from the below college list to view course and location details.

AP Polytechnic Colleges List with Codes PDF

SBTET Code College Code College Name Place
8 SKLM Government Polytechnic Srikakulam
9 VSPM Government Polytechnic Visakhapatnam
10 APKN Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada
11 KKDW Government Polytechnic For Women Kakinada
13 VJWD Government Polytechnic Vijayawada
14 MBTS Government Polytechnic Guntur
15 GNTW Government Polytechnic For Women Guntur
16 NLRG Government Polytechnic Nellore
17 GUDR Government Polytechnic Gudur
18 SVTP SV. Government Polytechnic Tirupati
20 ANTP Government Polytechnic Anantapur
21 NDYL Esc Government Polytechnic Nandyal
22 PROD Government Polytechnic Proddatur
38 VZNM Mragr Government Polytechnic Vizianagaram
39 ONGL D.A Government Polytechnic Ongole
43 PADR Government Model Residential Polytechnic Paderu
45 BMLW Government Polytechnic For Women Bheemunipatnam
48 WNLR Government Polytechnic For Women Nellore
55 GPKL Sri G P R Government Polytechnic Kurnool
57 KDPW Government Polytechnic For Women Kadapa
58 HDPW Government Polytechnic For Women Hindupur
59 PLMW Government Polytechnic For Women Palamaneru
60 NRSP Government Polytechnic Narsipatnam
63 TTGT Government Instt Of Textile Technology Guntur
65 GICE Government Institute Of Chemical Engg. Visakhapatnam
67 BDCM Government Model Residential Polytechnic Yatapaka
68 SSLM Government Model Residential Polytechnic Srisailm
70 CTGR Government Institute Of Ceramic Technology Gudur
71 ETHW Suvr And Sr Government Polytechnic For Women Ethamukkala
72 RJHY Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Government Model Residential Polytechnic Rajahmundry
73 MDNP Government Model Residential Polytechnic Madanapalle
77 NGMW Government Polytechnic For Women Nandigama
88 GWSK Government Polytechnic For Women Srikakulam
96 GTRM Government Polytechnic For Minorities Guntur
98 KNLM Government Polytechnic For Minorities Kurnool
101 GPKM Yc James Yen Government Polytechnic Kuppam
154 OBVP Government Polytechnic Obulavaripally
155 PLPT Government Polytechnic Nagari
162 JRGM Government Polytechnic Jangareddygudem
163 PVPM Government Polytechnic Parvathipuram
164 PONR Government Polytechnic Ponnur
165 RDRG Government Polytechnic Raidurg
166 CNGR Government Polytechnic Chandragir
170 DMVM Government Polytechnic Dharmavaram
171 JMDG Government Polytechnic Jammalamadugu
172 VMPL Government Polytechnic Vempalli
173 ANKP Government Polytechnic Anakapalli
175 KDRI Government Polytechnic Kadiri
176 RJPT Government Polytechnic Rajampeta
178 TPGM Government Polytechnic Tadepalligudem
183 GNVM Government Polytechnic Gannavaram
184 SIPM Government Polytechnic Simhadripuram
185 STVD Government Polytechnic Satyavedu
188 ALUR Government Polytechnic Aluru
192 KDND Dr. YSR Government Polytechnic Kalidindi
198 TADP Government Polytechnic Tadipatri
199 KMPM Government Polytechnic Kamalapuram
200 KLKR Government Polytechnic Kalikiri
201 KDKR Government Polytechnic Kandukur
202 ADNK Government Polytechnic Addanki
203 ADNI Government Polytechnic Adoni
205 UVKD Government Polytechnic Uravakonda
206 MKSR Government Polytechnic Madakasira
207 KDRG Government Polytechnic Kalyandurg
208 AMDV Government Polytechnic Amudalavalasa
209 KVLI Government Polytechnic Kavali
212 KRSR Government Polytechnic Krosuru
213 RCHT Government Polytechnic Rayachoti
215 BNDR Government Polytechnic Machilapatnam
305 ATMK Government Polytechnic Atmakur
306 REPL Government Polytechnic Repalle
332 GPCM Smt. Satrucharla Sasikala Devi Government Polytechnic Chinnamerangi
527 NRPL Government Polytechnic Narpala
528 DRRM Government Polytechnic Draksharamam
529 ANPT Government Polytechnic Anaparthi
530 PTPM Government Polytechnic Pithapuram
531 RCVM Government Model Residential Polytechnic Rampachodavaram
532 KRPM Government Model Residential Polytechnic K R Puram
533 CPRP G.B.R Government Polytechnic Chipurupalli
534 GLPM Government Model Residential Polytechnic Gummalaxmipuram
535 TKLI Government Polytechnic Tekkali
536 SMPT Government Model Residential Polytechnic Seetampet
635 CVRM Government Polytechnic Chodavaram
637 PEND Government Polytechnic Pendurthi

AP Polytechnic Colleges List 2023 PDF – Rank Wise

SBTET Code College Code College Name Place
12 SMVM SMVM Polytechnic Tanuku
19 SPWT Sri Padmavati Women Polytechnic Tirupati
28 CRRE Sir CRR Polytechnic Eluru
29 LOYL Loyola Polytechnic Pulivendula
30 AVGR AANM and VVSR Polytechnic Gudlavalleru
31 VKRP VKR and VNB Polytechnic Gudiwada
33 DSRP Col. D S Raju Polytechnic Poduru
36 KWVJ KES Polytechnic For Women Vijayawada
37 SVCM S V C M Polytechnic Badvel
40 CHND C.R. Polytechnic Chilakaluripet
56 VPBL Vasavi Polytechnic Banaganapalli
74 TKPR Smt. TKRPolytechnic Pamarru
89 AHNR Al Huda Polytechnic Nellore
91 TAYB Tayyib Muslim Polytechnic Kadapa
93 SSBV Smt. B. Seetha Polytechnic Bhimavaram
99 TPPB T.P.Polytechnic Bobbili
100 YVSM Sri YVS And BRMM Polytechnic Mukteshwaram
105 DVAD Divi Seema Polytechnic Avanigadda
106 BPBP Bapatla Polytechnic Bapatla
146 SGPV Sai Ganapathi Polytechnic Anandapuram
158 NZVD Nuzvid Polytechnic Nuzivid
159 SSSN Shiridi Sai Dip. In Engg. and Tech Maripivalasa
160 AVNM A V N Polytechnic Mudinepally
179 VIKS Vikas Polytechnic College Vissannapet
180 SVPB Swamy Vivekananda Polytechnic Bobbili
217 BKPP Bellamkonda Polytechnic College Kambhalapadu Podili
218 ARPV Akshara Polytechnic Bondapalli
220 RGRP The Rajiv Gandhi Recs Polytechnic Kasimkota
221 NPTS Narayana Polytechnic Srikakulam
226 SCPC Sri Chaitanya Polytechnic College Panukulavalasa
227 CECC Chirala Engineering College Chirala
229 KUPM Kuppam Engineering College Kuppam
240 MSEW Malineni Suseelamma Womens Engg.College Singarayakonda
242 SVPP Sri Venkatesa Perumal College ofEngg. and Tech. Puttur
243 VSVT Sri Vasavi Engineering College Tadepalligudem
245 SVCT Sri Venkateswara College Of Engg.and Technology Chittoor
247 ASTC Avanthis St.Theressa Inst. Of Engg. and Tech. Cheepurupally
249 ACET Aditya College Of Engineeringand Technology Peddapuram
251 NEWT Newton Institute of Engineering Macherla
252 BVTS Bonam Venkata Chalamaiah Inst. OfTech. And Science Amalapuram
255 ADTP Aditya Engineering College Peddapuram
258 SWRN Swarnandhra College of Engg. and Tech. Narsapuram
260 CCVY VRS and YRN College Of Engg. and Technology Chirala
262 BTHP Bit Institute Of Technology Hindupur
263 GKCS Gokula Krishna College Of Engineering Sullurpet
270 SDTN Siddharth Institute Of Engg. and Technology Puttur
272 PKSK Prakasam Engineering College Kandukur
273 BECB Bapatla Engineering College Bapatla
280 SANK Audhisankara College Of Engg. and Tech. Gudur
284 LENO Lenora College of Engineering Rampachodavaram
286 ADIT Aditya Institute Of Technology and MGMT Tekkali
288 SGIT Dr Samuel George Institute of Engg. and Technology Markapur
289 ANSN St. Anns College Of Engg. andTechnology Chirala
291 SVNE Sri Vidya Niketan Engineering College Rangampeta
295 GIER Godavari Institute Of Engg. and Tech. Rajahmundry
296 CEVP Chaitanya Engg. College Visakhapatnam
297 CHKN Chaitanya Inst. Of Science and Tech. Kakinada
298 SDET Srinivasa Diploma In Engg. and Tech. Challam Naidu Valasa Bur
301 SCDT Sraddha College Of Diploma In Engg. and Technology Krishnuni Palem
302 ARES Aries Polytechnic College Chittoor
307 VETS Sri Venkateswara Polytechnic Srikakulam
314 TVRP T V R Polytechnic Mandasa
318 VIKP Vikas Polytechnic College Siddavatam
320 PYDE Pydah College of Engineering Kakinada
326 YLMP Yalamarty College of Polytechnic Anandapuram
327 BPGP Balajee Polytechnic Gajapathinagaram
328 BBRP Behara Polytechnic Visakhapatnam
329 SSPP Satya Sree Parimala Polytechnic Rajahmundry
331 AVNV Mrs.A.V.N.College Visakhapatnam
333 AMRN A.M.Reddy Memorial Coll. Of Engineering Narsaraopet
335 ANMB Acharya College Of Engineering Badvel
336 ACEE Adarsh College Of Engineering Gollaprolu
343 SRIP Sai Rajeswari Inst Of Technology Proddatur
345 BCTW Bharath Coll Of Engg and Technology For Women Kadapa
346 GVIC Golden Valley Integrated Campus Madanapalle
347 BVCR BVC Engineering College Rajahmundry
348 CBIT Chaitanya Bharathi Institute ofTechnology Pallavolu
349 DIET Dadi Instt. Of Engineering AndTechnology Anakapalle
351 MICT DVR and Dr.Hs MIC College OfTechnology Kanchikacherla
352 DHAN Dhanekula Inst Of Engg. Technology Vijayawada
353 DJRC Sri Chaitanya-Djr College of Engineering & Technology Vijayawada
354 DNRE DNR College of Engg and Tech. Bhimavaram
360 GLBC Global College of Engg andTechnology Chenur
362 GGIB Gokul Group Of Institutions Bobbili
363 GITS Gonna Inst Of Info Technology Sciences Visakhapatnam
366 GECG Guntur Engineering College Guntur
367 GDMM G.D.M.M. Coll Of Engg andTechnology Nandigama
371 KIET Kakinada Institute Of Engg. andTechnology Kakinada
372 KIEK Kakinada Institute Of Engg. andTechnology Kakinada

Here you can download the AP Polytechnic Colleges List with Codes PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Download AP Polytechnic Colleges List with Codes PDF using below link

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