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Dear readers, here we are offering Anemia Introduction PDF to all of you. Anemia is a condition or disease in which there is a deficiency of red blood cells in a person’s body, due to which a sufficient amount of oxygen does not reach the tissues. Due to this problem, the person starts feeling very weak and tired, as well as the skin also starts turning yellow.

In simple words, the lack of blood in the body is anemia, which is also known as a low hemoglobin level. Anemia is a blood disorder that can range from mild to severe, as it can be temporary to long-term. Apart from this, according to research, there are more than 400 types of anemia, but currently, only seven types are considered.

Anemia Introduction PDF

Anemia is defined as a reduction in either the percentage of red blood cells (hematocrit), or a reduction in the concentration of hemoglobin in a sample of venous blood when compared with reference values.

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Iron deficiency is the most common anemia in the general population. The prevalence of iron deficiency is about 2% in males and 12% in women of reproductive age. Black and Hispanic women are at high risk for iron deficiency (~20%). This type of deficiency can result from blood loss or inadequate dietary intake of iron. Iron deficiency occurs when the body’s iron stores become inadequate for red blood cell production. Women are particularly at risk due to iron losses during pregnancy and menstruation. Hormonal contraceptives that reduce menstrual bleeding are beneficial to women who have a tendency toward iron deficiency. \

Medical Evaluation And Screening

The first laboratory evidence of iron deficiency is low serum ferritin. A value less than 30 micrograms per liter nearly always indicates absent iron stores and is a highly reliable indicator of iron deficiency. The serum iron binding capacity rises, and the serum iron values fall (Appendix A).

To make the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, one can either demonstrate an iron-deficient state or evaluate the response to a therapeutic trial of iron replacement. For women of reproductive age, a therapeutic trial of oral iron therapy is the recommended initial approach.

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Anemia Introduction pdf

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