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A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer - Description

Dear readers, here we are providing A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer pdf download source for those who are willing to download it through the internet so that they can prepare for the final examination. A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer will guide you toward a significant result. A Triumph of Surgery is the story of a little dog who is spoiled by his mistress Mrs. Pumphrey. The story is narrated by Mr. Herriot who is also Tricky’s doctor. He becomes fat and sick and is admitted to a vet where he is given a different kind of treatment. Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich and passionate woman who has the gait of a clipped dog. She loved him so much that she always loved him. Therefore, Tricky had put on a lot of weight and was therefore lethargic. When Doctor Heritage saw the fat, he was shocked.

He then hatches a plan and tells Mrs. Pumphrey that Tricki will have to undergo treatment for the disease at the hospital. There the greedy dog had to compete with other dogs to get food, otherwise, they would starve. Soon he lost a lot of body weight, so he became quite active. When Tricky was at home she was living a luxurious life. But when he came to the doctor, he was completely cured due to his natural lifestyle. When Mrs. Pumphrey saw her active dog, she thanked the doctor profusely and thought it was a victory for the surgery.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer pdf download – Quick Revision Notes

  • James Herriot stops his car and sees the poor health of Mrs Pumphrey’s dog, Tricki.
  • He advises Mrs Pumphrey to put Tricki on a strict diet and make him exercise daily.
  • Mrs Pumphrey continues to overfeed Tricki, which worsens his condition.
  • She calls Herriot for help on noticing Tricki’s deteriorating health.
  • Herriot decides to hospitalise Tricki for a fortnight to treat him.
  • Tricki’s hospitalisation left Mrs Pumphrey and the helpers at home in tears.
  • Tricki was kept on a strict diet in the hospital. His diet was increased according to the improvements he showed.
  • Mrs Pumphrey’s anxiousness about Tricki’s health went away on learning that Tricki was convalescing satisfactorily.
  • She started to send eggs, wine and brandy for Tricki to enrich his blood and improve his health.
  • These items were instead enjoyed by James Herriot and his partner.
  • Tricki was transformed from a weak fat dog to a hard-muscled and agile one.
  • James Herriot calls Mrs Pumphrey to come and take Tricki home.

Q1: Why is Mrs. Pumphrey worried about Tricki?

Ans: Mrs Pumphrey was worried and upset about Tricki’s health as he was not eating anything. He refused to eat his favorite dishes and had bouts of vomiting. He spent all his time lying on a rug, panting, and didn’t show any interest in going for daily walks either.

Q2: What does she do to help him? Is she wise in this?

Ans: Initially, Mrs Pumphrey thought that Tricki had become listless, as he seemed to have no energy. She assumed that he must be suffering from malnutrition, so she started giving him some little extras between meals to build him up, some malt and cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night to make him sleep. She would also indulge him in cream cakes and chocolates unnecessarily and did not give him enough exercise. With all this pampering and indulgence, Tricki became hugely fat, like a bloated sausage with a leg at each corner. It was absolutely not a wise decision on the part of his mistress to overfeed him that worsened his condition and made him more lazy and bulky. However, seeing his plight Mrs Pumphrey was distraught and consulted a veterinary surgeon, Dr Herriot, to help improve Tricki’s health condition.

Q3: Who does ‘I’ refer to in this story?

Ans: In the story, ‘I’ refers to Dr James Herriot, a veterinary surgeon.

Read and Find Out (Page 3)

Q1: Is the narrator as rich as Tricki’s mistress?

Ans: There are some instances in the story that suggest Dr Herriot was not as rich as Tricki’s mistress, Mrs Pumphrey. This is evident from the fact that the narrator could not provide a luxurious life such as a cosy bed stuffed with favourite cushions, toys and rubber rings along with bowls for different meals of the day, rather he made up a bed for Tricki in a warm loose box next to the one where the other dogs slept. The doctor also could not afford an entire staff of maids and caretakers just like Mrs Pumphrey to take care of the sole well-being and maintenance of her pet, Tricki.

Q2: How does he treat the dog?

Ans: Dr Herriot did not indulge Tricki with unnecessary food items. He rather treated him like an overweight and lazy dog who needed sufficient exercise with a controlled diet. He cut down his food intake and kept him under strict observation for the first few days. In due course of time, he increased Tricki’s food intake with a balanced diet and set him free for physical activities to improve his health. Gradually, the dog’s health started showing improvement, and he did not require any kind of medicinal treatment and recovered from his illness soon.

Q3: Why is he tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest?

Ans: Mrs Pumphrey started to bring round fresh eggs, two dozen at a time, to build up Tricki’s strength. Later even bottles of wine and brandy began to arrive. The narrator, along with his partners, enjoyed having two eggs each for breakfast, wine and brandy that was meant for Tricki. They were days of deep content, starting well with the extra egg in the morning, improved and sustained by the midday wine and finishing luxuriously around the fire with the brandy. It was indeed a strong temptation for Herriot to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest to enjoy the luxurious inflow of all these food items.

Q4: Why does Mrs Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is “a triumph of surgery”?

Ans: Mrs Pumphrey thought that Tricki was seriously ill when she consulted Dr Herriot, but her pet recovered from his condition completely within a span of two weeks. She was glad to see that he had been transformed into a flexible and hard-muscled animal. When Dr Herriot brought Tricki to Mrs Pumphrey, he took a tremendous leap and sailed into his mistress’s lap. His revival without any medicinal treatment was noteworthy, and she declared that the dog’s recovery was indeed “a triumph of surgery” to express her gratitude and happiness to the doctor.

Think about it (Page 6)

Q1: What kind of a person do you think the narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is? Would you say he is tactful as well as full of common sense?

Ans: The narrator, a veterinary surgeon, was a very wise and tactful doctor. He handled Tricki properly and with compassion, as he understood that the dog was not suffering from any illness. From the dog’s lazy condition, he could make out that he had become bulky due to overfeeding by his mistress. Thus, he did not perform any surgery on him, but rather cured him by altering his diet and engaging him in physical activities. Under the doctor’s supervision, Tricki recovered from his illness within a span of two weeks.

Yes, Dr Herriot was a tactful person as he could convince Mrs Pumphrey to hospitalise Tricki for surgery. He knew exactly how to treat her pet effectively and make him a lively animal. Upon the dog’s recovery, he informed Mrs Pumphrey to come and collect Tricki even though he was tempted to keep her pet as a permanent guest for the luxurious inflow of expensive food items sent by his mistress from time to time.

Q2: Do you think Tricki was happy to go home? What do you think will happen now?

Ans: Yes, Tricki was happy to return home as he loved his mistress dearly, and he missed the comfort of his lavish life. Although he didn’t have any friends at home, like in the hospital, he seemed equally excited to meet his mistress after two weeks. Given Tricki’s laziness, we hope that Mrs Pumphrey will be careful about Tricki’s diet and health going forward and will try to engage her pet to get some physical exercise as prescribed by Dr Herriot earlier.

Q3: Do you think this is a real-life episode or mere fiction? Or is it a mixture of both?

Ans: The story seems to be a blend of fiction and a real-life incident. It is quite natural for rich people to overfeed their pets due to love and affection, just like Mrs Pumphrey did. We have observed how due to her pampering, the dog was overeating and became lazy and bulky. Similarly, it isn’t unusual for rich people who try to provide a luxurious life for their pets and indulge them often. However, it might be unlikely for a veterinary doctor like Dr Herriot who went out of his way and lied about surgery to the owner in order to save her pet from unnecessary indulgences.

Talk about it (Page 7)

Q1: This episode describes the silly behaviour of a rich woman who is foolishly indulgent, perhaps because she is lonely. Do you think such people are merely silly, or can their actions cause harm to others?

Ans: Mrs Pumphrey’s silly actions of overfeeding Tricki had a harmful reaction on her pet’s health. She was making Tricki overeat and indulge in fatty food in the name of love and affection. This worsened his condition in such a way that he had become very lazy and bulky to even go out for short walks. Rich people like Mrs Pumphrey often indulge their pets in silly actions such as overfeeding to improve their health, which can otherwise have dangerous effects on them.

Q2: Do you think there are also parents like Mrs Pumphrey?

Ans: Yes, there are some parents like Mrs Pumphrey who spoil their children by over-indulging and pampering them. They try to overfeed their children or pets despite knowing the ill effects of overeating on their health. It is imperative that parents like Mrs Pumphrey should keep a close check and maintain a healthy lifestyle for their family members and pets.

Q3: What would you have done if you were: (i) a member of the staff in Mrs Pumphrey’s household, (ii) a neighbour? What would your life have been like, in general?

Ans: If I were a member of the staff in her household, I would not have followed Mrs Pumphrey’s orders to feed Tricki blindly without considering its harmful effects. I would have, in fact, fed him as per the vet’s advice and ensured that he got enough physical exercise which helped him to stay active and healthy.

Besides, I would have also given Tricki a balanced diet that is easy to digest and also would have skipped sending the unnecessary stuff, such as the toys and cushions, to the hospital. If I were Mrs Pumphrey’s neighbour, I would have advised her to maintain a strict diet and engage Tricki in physical activities such as playing, running or going for walks.

If his condition had deteriorated, I would have asked her to consult a veterinary doctor and follow his advice strictly to keep her pet’s health in check. Besides, I would have also been supportive and kind in such a critical situation when Tricki was supposed to be hospitalised. I would have tried to the best of my ability to be sympathetic and benevolent to Mrs Pumphrey.

Q4: What would you have done if you were in the narrator’s place?

Ans: If I were in the narrator’s place, I would have treated Tricki in a similar fashion with love and compassion. I would have been vigilant and caring, just like Mr James Herriot was towards Tricki. However, I would have been a little strict while advising Mrs Pumphrey to put Tricki on a balanced diet knowing her love for her dear pet. Besides, I would have also not consumed Tricki’s share of eggs, wine and brandy sent by Mrs Pumphrey and resisted my temptation to keep Tricki as my permanent guest in my hospital.

A Triumph of Surgery Summary in English

James Alfred Wight is popular as James Herriot, and He was a British veterinary surgeon and writer too. He has written this story A triumph of Surgery. The story starts when Mrs Pumphrey, a rich lady takes her dog Tricky for a walk outside. A nearby veterinary doctor saw the dog and is in a shock as the dog looks like a bloated sausage having leg at each end. Then He advised her to stop giving him diet.

But Mrs Pumphrey is not able to refuse the dog. Soon Tricky fell sick and the doctor was called. The narrator, Mr. Herriot somehow takes Tricki to his hospital for treatment, even knowing the fact that Mrs. Pumphrey will never leave the dog. He took the dog along and puts a bed for him in his surgery. For two days dog did not move much and also did not eat anything.

On the third day he wanted to go outside and there he started playing with the bigger dogs. He also licked the bowls of other dogs to eat the remaining food. His condition started improving rapidly. Also, he started fighting for his meals with other dogs. After hearing this news Mrs. Pumphrey started sending eggs to the hospital as she thought that Tricki needed energy foods after recovery.

But Mr. Herriot and his partners started eating those eggs as morning breakfast. Also, for improving Trick’s blood, Mrs. Pumphrey started sending wine in bottles. But again, Mr. Herriot consumed those. Not only this, when she started sending brandy in bottles they consumed that also.

After few days Doctor took a wise decision and called up Mrs. Pumphrey as she was much worried, for taking Tricki back home. Tricki was very happy to see his mistress and jumped into the car. Then Mrs. Pumphrey said that she won’t be able to ever thank him for all this wonder. And she said that his surgery had been successful as Tricki was now cured.

Word Meaning of A Triumph of Surgery Class 10

The given page nos. corresponds to the pages in the prescribed textbook.

Word Meaning
bloated full of food or gas and therefore bigger than normal in a way that is unpleasant and uncomfortable.
sausage a mixture of finely chopped meat in a long tube of skin.
rheumy a watery discharge from a mucous membrance especially of the nose or eyes.
hastened to say or do things quickly without delay.
malt grain, usually left in water for a period of lume and then dried, used for making beer, whisky etc.
relent to agree upon something after refusing.
lumbago muscular pain in the lower part of the back.
regime prescribed course of exercise and diet.
tottering to walk or move with weak unsteady steps.
distraught extremely worried.
bouts a short period of a particular activity, a period of illness.
swooned to become unconscious.
pine to become very sad because somebody has died or gone away.
supper the last meal of the day, either a main meal, usually smaller and less formal than dinner.
despairing the feeling of having lost all hope.
gasping a quick deep breath, usually caused by a strong emotion.
sniffing to breathe dir in through nose in order to discover or enjoy the smell of something.
whimper a low weak cry a person or an animal makes when they are hurt, frightened or sad.
engulfed to surround or cover, something or somebody completely; to affect something or somebody very strongly.
slopped to move ardund in a container; to make liquid or food come out of a container in an untidy way.
jostling to push roughly against somebody in a crowd.
scrimmages rough or confused struggle.
shaggy long and untidy; having long and untidy hair, fur etc.
convalescing recovering from an illness; to spend time getting your health and strength back after an illness.
chauffeur a person whose job is to drive a car, especially for somebody rich or important.
lithe flexible moving or bending easily in a way that is elegant.
triumph a great success, achievement or victory; an excellent example of how successful something can be.

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