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Having a baby is a joyful occasion and seeing the right name will define your child’s life and possibly influence their character. If you are a Muslim, you may desire to choose a name from the Quran. Arabic is the terminology of the Quran and its intricacy, beauty, and unique sound make it a famous language for names. Many names may have many meanings!
Direct names are names that are found in the Qur’an, while indirect names are taken from the hadith, partners of the Prophet (Sahaba), or are original names seen in the Qur’an. This list includes both direct and indirect names. You will find multiple cute, modern, and sweet Muslim name ideas for your baby girl. Congratulations, and may you have a secure and holy birth (Inshallah!).

A to Z Baby Girl Names Muslim PDF- Details

Name Meaning
Aaliyah Exalted, high
Aya The verse from the Qur’an, a sign of God
Dania Close, near
Duaa Prayer
Fatima The Prophets daughter, one who abstains from forbidden things
Huda Guidance
Jannah Paradise
Lina Young palm tree
Maryam Mother of the Prophet Issa (Jesus)
Nuha Intelligence
Safa Purity, clarity, one of the hills in Mecca
Salwa That which brings happiness

List of Arabic and Islamic Name Ideas for Girls

Name Meaning Direct or Indirect?
Aaliyah Exhalted Direct
Abida Worshipper Indirect
Abeer Frangrance Indirect
Alaa Bounty Indirect
Alima Scholar, knowledgable Indirect
Alina Silk of heaven, soft, delicate Indirect
Amana Faithful, to believe Indirect
Amani Good wish Direct
Amina Trustworthy, loyal Indirect
Ahmina One who is safe Direct
Anisa One who is friendly and gentle with others Indirect
Aniya Caring, loving Indirect
Asya Pensive, wistful Indirect
Asma Sky, high, exalted Indirect
Aidah Visitor of the sick, one who returns Indirect
Aisha Life, alive (wife of the Prophet) Indirect
Amira Princess Indirect
Aqeela Intelligent, wise Indirect
Azza Young gazelle Indirect
Aya Verse from the Qur’an, sign of God’s existence Direct
Modern and Cute Islamic Names for Girls
Name Meaning Direct or Indirect?
Baheeja Beautiful, radiant, glowing with freshness Indirect
Banan Fingertips Direct
Basma Happy, joyful Indirect
Batoul Ascetic, devoted to God Indirect
Bayan To illustrate, to make clear, declaration Direct
Benazir Unique, peerless Indirect
Budaira Little full moon Indirect
Bushra Good news Direct
Dania Close, near Direct
Dariya Good-mannered, intelligent Indirect
Dalila Guidance Indirect
Dimah Rain that falls without lightening or thunder Indirect
Doreen Pearl-like, made of pearl Indirect
Duaa Prayer, supplication Direct
Dunya Worldly life Direct
Fadia Self-sacrificing, heroic Indirect
Fadwa Self-sacrifice, heroism, gallantry Indirect
Fahima Perceptive, understanding Indirect
Faiza Successful, winner Indirect
Farah Happiness, joy Indirect
Farida Unique, unparalleled Indirect
Fatima One who abstains from forbidden things, also the name of the Prophet’s daughter Direct
Beautiful Names for Muslim Girls
Name Meaning Direct or Indirect?
Ghazaal Young ghazelle Indirect
Ghazal Love poem, poetry that expresses strong emotion Indirect
Habiba Beloved Indirect
Hadiya A woman who guides people to the right path Indirect
Hafiza Protector Indirect
Hamida Thankful Indirect
Hana Joy, happiness, delight Indirect
Hanifa Devoted believer, one who believes in the oneness of God Indirect
Haya Modesty, chastity, virtue Indirect
Heba Gift Indirect
Huda Guidance Direct
Huriyya Splendid companion of Paradise Indirect
Iba High status, superb Indirect
Ibtisam Smile Indirect
Ilana Tender, delicate Indirect
Ilham Inspiration, muse Indirect
Iman Faith Direct
Inaya Help, care, protection Indirect
Izdihar To blossom, flourish Indirect
Izza Strength, power Indirect

Female Names From the Qur’an and Hadith

Name Meaning Direct or Indirect?
Jamila Beautiful Indirect
Jannah Paradise, garden Direct
Judy Where Noah’s ark rested after the flood Direct
Kamila Complete, perfect Indirect
Kanza Treasure Indirect
Karima Generous, honorable Indirect
Katiba Writer Indirect
Khalida Immortal, eternal Indirect
Khaliya Solitary, alone Indirect
Kindah Part of a mountain Indirect
Laila Night, ecstasy, intoxication Indirect
Lana Gentle, soft, tender Indirect
Latifa Gentle, subtly kind Indirect
Layan Gentleness, softness Indirect
Leen Soft, gentle Indirect
Lina Young palm tree Direct
Mahdia Well-guided, under the guidance of God Indirect
Maira Light, swift, one who brings food Indirect
Maiza One who distinguishes between good and bad Indirect
Majida Praiseworthy, laudable Indirect

Unique Islamic Name Ideas for Baby Girls

Name Meaning Direct of Indirect?
Makina Powerful, influential Indirect
Malika Queen, lady, owner Indirect
Manari Radiant, brilliant, one who is like a lighthouse Indirect
Marwa Smooth and hard white rock, a hill in Mecca where Hajar searched for water for her son Ismail Direct
Maryam Bitter, wished for a child, mother of the Prophet Issa (Jesus) Direct
Marzia Content, one who Allah is please with Direct
Matira Rainy, a place that often receives rain Indirect
Mazna A rain-bearing cloud, a woman with a bright-glowing face Indirect
Medina City, one of the three holy cities in Islam Direct
Minna Gift, good and kind deed Indirect
Mona Desired, wanted, wished for Indirect
Munya Wish, hope Indirect
Naima Soft, gentle, blessed Indirect
Nada Goodness, blessedness Indirect
Nadia Caller Indirect
Naira Brilliant, radiant Indirect
Najida Supporter, rescuer Indirect
Najma Star, a brilliant heavenly body Indirect
Najwa Whispering, intimate conversation Direct
Narina Rosy, fresh, like a pomegranate or pomegranate flower Indirect
Nawal Gift, blessing Indirect
Nazira Beauty and radiance that’s apparent in the face Direct

Traditional and Fun Name Ideas for Muslim Girls

Name Meaning Direct or Indirect?
Nuha Ability to think, intelligence Direct
Nura Light Indirect
Omaimah Kind and loving (like a mother) Indirect
Qamari Moon-like Indirect
Radwa A mountain in Medina Indirect
Rahima Merciful, kind, tenderhearted Indirect
Rahila Traveler, departer Indirect
Ranya Victor, one who triumphs Indirect
Rashida On the right path, rightly-guided Indirect
Rayan The gate of Paradise dedicated to those who fast often Indirect
Saba Soft breeze Indirect
Sadaf Seashell Indirect
Safa Purity, innocence, a hill in Mecca where Hajar searched for water for her son Ismail Direct
Sahira One who spends the night without sleep, a spring of water that flows year-round Indirect
Salwa That which brings happiness and makes you forget your worries, quail Direct
Sama Exhalted, high status Indirect
Samara One who converses under moonlight Indirect
Sana To shine dazzlingly, to glitter Direct
Sarah Bringer of happiness, wife of the Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) and mother of the Prophet Ishaak (Isaac) Indirect
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