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A to Z Baby Girl Names Hindu 2022 - Description

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A to Z Baby Girl Names Hindu 2022 PDF – Details

Hindu baby girl 2022 names starting with A

Aaravi Peaceful and calm Hindu Girl name
Aachal immovable Hindu Girl name
Aakanksha Desire Hindu Girl name
Aanandhi Always happy Hindu Girl name
Aaradhya Worshipped Hindu Girl name
Aarunya rays of the sun Hindu Girl name
Abhaya Fearless Hindu Girl name
Abhidhya Wish Hindu Girl name
Abhilasa Desire , wish Hindu Girl name
Abiya Brilliant; Great Hindu Girl name
Adhira Quick, lightening Hindu Girl name
Aishani Goddess Durga Hindu Girl name
Agnikaa Daughter Of Fire Hindu Girl name
Adhya Beyond Perception Hindu Girl name
Abhiniti Gesture Hindu Girl name
Abhilasha Ambition Hindu Girl name
Aashni Lightning Hindu Girl name
Aashka Blessing Hindu Girl name
Aashika Lovable Hindu Girl name
Aarvi Peace Hindu Girl name
Aarushi First ray of the sun Hindu Girl name
Aarohi A Music Tune Hindu Girl name
Aarini Adventurous Hindu Girl name
Aapeksha Passion Hindu Girl name
Aanshi God’s gift Hindu Girl name
Aanchal Shelter Hindu Girl name
Aakriti Shape Hindu Girl name
Aaghnya Born From Fire Hindu Girl name
Aadvika Unique Hindu Girl name
AKhaista beautiful Hindu Girl name

Hindu baby girl names starting with B

Bidiya always strong Hindu Girl name
Baishali An ancient city Hindu Girl name
Bandita Blessed Hindu Girl name
Bindu Drop Hindu Girl name
Bhoomi Earth Hindu Girl name
Bhumika Earth Hindu Girl name
Bhavini Emotional Hindu Girl name
Basima Ever smiling Hindu Girl name
Banhi Fire Hindu Girl name
Benisha Flashing Hindu Girl name
Bandhavi Friends & Family Hindu Girl name
Brahmini Goddess Hindu Girl name
Bhargavi Goddess durga Hindu Girl name
Bhargvi Goddess Durga Hindu Girl name
Bhavya Grand Hindu Girl name
Bhuvika Heaven Hindu Girl name
Bharvi Holy plant Hindu Girl name
Bahnnisikha One who lashes fire Hindu Girl name
Bandana Prayer Hindu Girl name
Barisha Pure Hindu Girl name
Barsana Radhaji’s Birthplace Hindu Girl name
Bhanvi Rays of sun Hindu Girl name
Bhavika Righteous Hindu Girl name
Bahgvanti Shareholder Hindu Girl name
Bishakha Star Hindu Girl name
Brinda Tulsi Hindu Girl name
Bharavi Tulsi plant Hindu Girl name
Badanika wish Hindu Girl name
Bristi Hindu Girl name
Banita Teenager Hindu Girl name

2022 Hindu baby girl names starting with C

Charmi Beautiful Hindu Girl name
Charula Beautiful Hindu Girl name
Chaarvi Beautiful girl Hindu Girl name
Chaitravi Born in month of Chaitra Hindu Girl name
Chanakshi Clever Hindu Girl name
Chetta Consciousness Hindu Girl name
Chanasya Delighting Hindu Girl name
Chahana Desire Hindu Girl name
Chakshu Eyes Hindu Girl name
Chahek filledwithjoy Hindu Girl name
Charika Friendly Hindu Girl name
Charita Good Hindu Girl name
Chakshani Good looking Hindu Girl name
Chaaruvi Light, Brilliant Hindu Girl name
Chahna Love Hindu Girl name
Chaheti Lovely Hindu Girl name
Chaitana Perception Hindu Girl name
Chaaru Preety Hindu Girl name
Chanchal Restless Hindu Girl name
Chaitrika Very clever Hindu Girl name
Chara Quiet and Frisky Hindu Girl name
Charu Beautiful Hindu Girl name
Chaya Shadow Hindu Girl name
Cavery Name of a River in India Hindu Girl name
Chahak Lover; Hindu Girl name
Chahat Desire Hindu Girl name
Chahek Voice of Sweet Bird Hindu Girl name
Chakor Size of Moon Hindu Girl name
Chanvi Love; Hindu Girl name
Chavya A Pulse Hindu Girl name

2022 Hindu baby girl names starting with D

Deepashikha The Flame Of A Lamp Hindu Girl name
Danushri The bow Hindu Girl name
Daaraki Star Hindu Girl name
Drishti Sight Hindu Girl name
Drishya Sight Hindu Girl name
Dristi Sight Hindu Girl name
Dakshana Refer to Dakshan Hindu Girl name
Darpali Proud Hindu Girl name
Darshika Perceiver Hindu Girl name
Dhanashri Name Of A Raagini Hindu Girl name
Dhanista Name Of A Gopi Of Gukul Hindu Girl name
Damyanti Nalas wife Hindu Girl name
Daanika Morning star Hindu Girl name
Darpana Mirror Hindu Girl name
Dakshiya Lord Krishna devotee Hindu Girl name
Damita little princess Hindu Girl name
Daamini Lightning Hindu Girl name
Diksha Initiation Hindu Girl name
Daayini Giver Hindu Girl name
Dadhija Daughter of milk Hindu Girl name
Dakshika Daughter of Brahma Hindu Girl name
Dakshaja Daughter Hindu Girl name
Daakshya Cleverness Hindu Girl name
Devangana Celestial Maid Hindu Girl name
Darpanika A small mirror Hindu Girl name
Daivi Pious soul Hindu Girl name
Daksakanya An able daughter Hindu Girl name
Darvikaa a sacrificial ladle Hindu Girl name
Darshana Seeing Hindu Girl name
Dayamani Kind Hindu Girl name

Hindu baby girl 2022 names starting with E

Eashi Happiness Hindu Girl names
Ecchita dewdrop Hindu Girl names
Eesha purity Hindu Girl names
Ekanansa New moon Hindu Girl names
Edana Fiery; Little Fire Hindu Girl names
Ekanta Devoted girl Hindu Girl names
Eeshani Goddess Durga Hindu Girl names
Eashta Eastward’s name (Sanskrit) Hindu Girl names
Ekantika Devoted to one him Hindu Girl names
Ekangika Made of sandalwood Hindu Girl names
Edhitha Progressed Hindu Girl names
Ekantin Devoted to one object Hindu Girl names
Eeshta Beloved Hindu Girl names
Easmatara Unknown Hindu Girl names
Edith Prosperous in War Hindu Girl names
Ednita Developed Hindu Girl names
Eisah Variant of Esha Hindu Girl names
Edina Wealthy friend Hindu Girl names
Ekaparana Wife of Himalaya Hindu Girl names
Eccha Goddess Parvati Hindu Girl names
Eeshvi God Hindu Girl names
Eepsa Desire Hindu Girl names
Ednit Evolved Hindu Girl names
Ekarishi First Rishi Hindu Girl names
Eilin Bright light Hindu Girl names
Ekisha One Goddess Hindu Girl names
Eishu Pious; Desire Hindu Girl names
Ehsan Charitable Hindu Girl names
Eetra Fragrance Hindu Girl names
Ehani Song Hindu Girl names

Hindu baby girl 2022 names starting with F

Fenna Guardian of peace Hindu Girl names
Fathi Conqueror Hindu Girl names
Fawzi Triumphant Hindu Girl names
Fanha Passing away Hindu Girl names
Feral Wild, untamable Hindu Girl names
Feriya A Caravan Hindu Girl names
Farha Happiness Hindu Girl names
Fariba Mesmerizing Hindu Girl names
Fathiyah Joy, Happiness Hindu Girl names
Fiza Breeze Hindu Girl names
Fardifa Highly Illuminated Hindu Girl names
Finiashwari Magnificent Hindu Girl names
Fatima Captivating Hindu Girl names
Farida Precious Gems Hindu Girl names
Feeza Nature Hindu Girl names
Falaknazi The heavens Hindu Girl names
Faheemahi Intelligent Hindu Girl names
Firaki Fragrance Hindu Girl names
Fatina Captivating Hindu Girl names
Fariya A Caravan Hindu Girl names
Faguni Month Name Hindu Girl names
Falak Sky Hindu Girl names
Falguni Day of full moon Hindu Girl names
Fani Serpent Hindu Girl names
Fazeela Faithful Hindu Girl names
Foolan Flowering Hindu Girl names
Foolwati Delicate as a Flower Hindu Girl names
Frayashti Worship, Praise Hindu Girl names
Freena Delicate as a Flower Hindu Girl names
Freya Goddess of Love Hindu Girl names

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with G

  • Gamini- Silent
  • Gavya- Garden of God
  • Geena- Silvery
  • Gunita-    Virtous
  • Ganika-   Flower
  • Gehena- Jewel; Ornament

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with H

  • Haarshini- Cheerful; Happy
  • Habsana- Superb
  • Haimi-         Golden
  • Hamsikha- Saraswathi
  • Hanima-         A wave
  • Hansvi-         Swan
  • Hiya-                Heart

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with I

  • Ishita-     Greatness, supremacy
  • Ira-          The earth
  • Ishani-    A name for Goddess Durga; a silk-cotton tree
  • Inaaya-   Help and protection from the Almighty
  • Inayat-    Favour, empathy

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with J

  • Jaisvi- Victorious
  • Janya-     Life
  • Jhanvi- The river Ganga; daughter of Yaksha, the wise.
  • Jivika- Source of life
  • Jiya-         Radiance, sweetheart
  • Jignasa-  Academic curiosity
  • Jagvi- Born of the world; Worldly
  • Jaisica- Rich

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with K

  • Kimaya-     Popularly believed to mean ‘divine’
  • Keya-         Flower
  • Kiara-         Dark-haired
  • Kavya-       Poem
  • Khushi-     Happiness, joy
  • Kashvi-     Popularly believed to mean ‘shining’
  • Khanak-     The tinkling of bangles

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with L

  • Lasya-     A gentle form of dance
  • Lavanya-     Beauty or grace
  • Laboni-    Grace; Beautiful
  • Labonya-     Brilliant; Beautiful
  • Laher-    Wave
  • Lajita-     Modest

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with M

  • Mahika-     Dew drops, frost
  • Maitreyi-    Friendship
  • Myra-         Myrrh
  • Mishika-     A medicinal plant
  • Mannat-     Fervent prayer or wish
  • Medhasvini-     Popularly believed to mean ‘wisdom’
  • Miraya-            Commonly thought to be a variant of the name ‘Meera’, Lord Krishna’s devotee

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with N

  • Naira- Brilliance, glittering
  • Naisha- Night
  • Nakshatra- Star, constellation
  • Navya- New, fresh
  • Nayantara- Beloved
  • Nehmat- Grace, blessing
  • Nitara- Deeply rooted
  • Nitya- Eternal

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with O

  • Ojasvini- Energetic, bright
  • Oorja- Power, strength
  • Ojashwini-Lustrous
  • Ojasvi- Bright
  • Oma-Life giver
  • Omaira- Star

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with P

  • Pihu-         A female peafowl, the sweet sound of the koyal bird
  • Prisha-      Spotted; believed to mean ‘God’s gift’
  • Parinaaz-  Sweet, fairy
  • Pari-          Ethereal beauty
  • Pranavi-    The sacred syllable ‘Om’
  • Paheal- First
  • Pallvi- New leaves; A shoot; Young

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with R

  • Rhea-        Possibly related to the Greek Heros meaning “stream”. Rhea is one of the Titans in Greek mythology.
  • Riya-         Popularly believed to mean ‘singer’
  • Raagvi-     Godly
  • Rabya-      Garden; Famous; Godly
  • Renee-      From Renatus, which comes from the Latin renascor, meaning “born again”.
  • Rudrani-   A name for the wife of Rudra

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with S

  • Sharanya-  One who gives refuge
  • Samaira-    Widely believed to mean ‘enchanting’
  • Shanaya-    Popularly believed to mean ‘first ray of the sun’
  • Sara-          Princess
  • Suhana-     Pleasant, lovely
  • Seher-        Early morning
  • Siya-          A name for Sita
  • Saanvi-      Popularly believed to be a name for Goddess Lakshmi
  • Sana-         Brilliance or radiance

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with T

  • Tanya- Fairy queen
  • Taiunaya- Absorbed in; Identical
  • Tarini- Another name for Goddess Durga
  • Tiya- Bird
  • Trisha- Thirst or desire
  • Taani- Encouragement; Faith
  • Tamana- Desire; wish

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with U

  • Urvi- Earth
  • Ubika- Growth
  • Unma- Joy

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with V

  • Vedika-        A sacrificial alter
  • Vihaana-      Dawn
  • Vardaniya-   Giver of good fortune
  • Vaika-Admirable
  • Vainavi- Gold
  • Vaidehi-       A name for Goddess Sita
  • Vanya-         Gracious gift of god

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with W

  • Wamika- Goddess Durga

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

  • Yashasvini- Successful and illustrious
  • Yashvi-         Fame
  • Yagavi-         Bright
  • Yalinee-         Goddess Saraswati; Melodious

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

  • Zena-    Ornament; Something beautiful; A hospitable woman
  • Zoya-    Light and radiance
  • Zenshi- Sweet; Complete
  • Zara-     Princess, the exalted one
  • Zaira-    A visitor or guest
  • Zeel-     Silent lake; Jharna
  • Zaina-   Beautiful and radiant

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