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12th Chemistry one Mark Questions 2022 - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering the 12th Chemistry One Mark Questions 2022 PDF to all of you. Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter. Here we have picked a few of the best 12th chemistry one-mark questions for that student who wants to practice and learn something before appearing in the final examination.

One-mark questions are very important because they help to score some extra marks so that the students can get an idea about the particular topic in short and have the command to understand it during solving long answer question also because short question gives an extra push.

12th Chemistry one Mark Questions 2022 PDF

Sodium. magnesium and aluminum can be obtained from their ore by

(a) electrometallurgy

(b) pyro metallurgy

(c) hydro metallurgy

(d) smelting

The oxidation state of carbon in its hydrides

(a) +4

(b) -4

(c) +3

(d) +2

S-S bond is present in

(a) H2S2O7.

(b) H2SO5

(c) H2S2O6

(d) H2S2O6

The alloy of copper that contain Zinc is

(a) Monel metal

(b) Bronze

(c) bell metal

(d) brass

An excess of silver nitrate is added to 100ml of a 0.01M solution of pentaaquachloridochromium(III)chloride. The number of moles of AgCl precipitated would be

(a) 0.02

(b) 0.002

(c) 0.01

(d) 0.2

A binary solid A+B- has a structure with B- ions constituting the lattice and A+ ions occupying 25% tetrahedral holes. Formula of the solid is

(a) A2B

(b) AB2

(c) AB

(d) AB4

For a reaction Rate = kacetone[]32 then unit of rate constant and rate of reaction respectively is

(a) (mol L-1 S-1),(mol1/2L1/2S-1)

(b) (mol-1/2L1/2s-1),(mol L-1s-1)

(c) (mol1/2L1/2s-1),(molL-1s-1)

(d) (molLs-1),(mol1/2L1/2s)

Which of the following fluro – compounds is most likely to behave as a Lewis base?

(a) BF3

(b) PF3

(c) CF4

(d) SiF4

With regard to the strength of acids and bases, Find the incorrect statement among the following.

(a) Strong acid is one that completely dissociates in water

(b) Ka is the dissociation constant

(c) CH3COOH is a weak acid

(d) Smaller the Ka value, greater is the acid strength

The feasibility of a redox reaction can be predicted with the help of

(a) Electronegativity

(b) Electrochemical series

(c) Electron affinity

(d) Equivalent conductance

The phenomenon observed when a beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution is _______________

(a) Cataphoresis

(b) Electrophoresis

(c) Coagulation

(d) Tyndall effect

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