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Dear readers, here we are offering the 12th Bio Zoology Guide PDF to all of you. Physiology is the study of the functioning of organs and organ systems. All physiological activities are aimed at the maintenance of homeostasis, living, and reproduction. Homeostasis differentiates a living being from the non-living world. It provides the uniqueness for self- duplicating, genericized groups of organisms.

Homeostatic mechanisms involve stabilizing an optimum level of water, minerals, and other components of the body fluids and other thermal regulations. It is achieved by several biophysical, biochemical processes, hormonal secretions, and related metabolic modifications.

12th Bio Zoology Guide PDF

  • The phenomenon of living is made possible due to several types of evolved organs and their well-co-ordinated functions. The functioning of the heart as a pumping organ being emotionally controlled is astonishing.
  • The oxygen association and dissociation capabilities of blood pigments, cascading effects of a minimal amount of hormones at molecular limits, the process of nervous conduction, analyzing and memory maintaining capacities of the brain, the holistic visual perception of the eye are all wonderful inventions of nature towards a simple process of living.
  • The attainment of a simplified process of sexual reproduction for complicated, genetically oriented mechanisms for sex cells production and procreation is stunningly marvelous. The orientation of reproductive strategies towards social, environmental, and futuristic motives is highly precise and purposeful.
  • Thus all the functionings of a living system are highly complicated mechanisms with a simple outlook. In the forthcoming chapter, an attempt has been made to highlight defects in functioning, remedial attempts, and lifestyle modifications. Proper treatment of such an objective will result in voluminous work. Yet, a simple attempt has been made to provide the information.
  • While going through the pages of this chapter, the learners may recollect the human anatomy learned in the previous class. Knowledge and remembrance of anatomy will simplify an understanding of physiological processes.
  • Nutrition The survival of all living organisms is due to several types of nutritive processes. The process of nutrition involves ingestion digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food materials. The composition of nutrients varies in different types of feeding. However, for all living organisms, the nutrient comprises the following organic and inorganic components.
  • They are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and water.
  • Each component has a specific functional role. A well-proportioned intake of nutrients depends on several factors such as stage of growth, sex, health condition, bodily activities, and environmental situations.

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12th Bio Zoology Guide pdf

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